A Pause from the Pause to Celebrate Art

Let’s take a break from thinking about  menopause and midlife to admire these stunning cameos sculpted in the creamy frosting of an Oreo.

I first discovered the icing cameos of Judith G. Klausner when they were featured in the February issue of O Magazine. Each design takes Ms. Klausner six hours. The artist’s tools are toothpicks and pins.

 You can see more of these lovely cameo ladies on the art blog, Beautiful/Decay. 

And I thought a plain old Oreo was a work of art all by itself.  But this takes one of the world’s finest cookies to a whole new level.


The Art of Mothers

In honor of mothers everywhere, I present to you a rolling gallery of my mom’s artwork. Nancy Wenger Kiehne, who is 87, paints, draws, and teaches art in Towson, Maryland.

Thanks to Katherine for the photo. 

Thanks to Katherine for the photo. 

Thanks to Laura and Katherine Younger.

Ark, 05.  Thanks to Laura and Katherine Younger.

Thanks to Katherine for the photo.  

Cat playing a cello.

Thanks to Caroline.

Portrait of William Shakespeare.

Let’s hear it for  the artistry of mothers!  Happy Mothers Day!

Thanks to Katherine for the photo. 

My nephew, Chris Kiehne, is compiling an online archive of all of Mom’s work. Thanks, Chris!

Below is Mom, shopping for clothes for Kath’s baby boy (due in August), Mom’s first great-grandchild to be.  Photo courtesy Kath Younger.