Menopause T-shirts: A Giveaway!

Here on Friend for the Ride, I work to help the world understand and appreciate the challenges of menopause. These great t-shirts designed by  Avaeh Kristopher do  that too.Take it away, Avaeh and thanks for your generous giveaway!

My family & friends and I often joke about various subjects, but there is one in particular that only a few of us can actually comment on with authority without being called out on with a loud and cranky barrage of  “What’dya know about it?” And that topic is menopause LOL  🙂

I’m a firm believer in optimism and the power of positive thinking and the use of humor as a way to keep yourself out of the dumps (and I can be a bit snarky from time to time – I rationalize that by thinking it’s a sign of a smart mind… or smart mouth).

So for years now I have made jokes about menopause, and then one day my daughter suggested I put these on a book or a t-shirt… so after a time and a lot of cajoling I followed her advice. I made 2 coloring books first and now a few shirts. So here are some of my favorite sayings about “the big M” emblazoned on a few t-shirts on Amazon for women everywhere to get a good laugh, or at least a giggle, out of. My favorite so far has to be : “I’m not crazy, I’m just hormonal as hell”

I hope you guys enjoy them.

Giveaway: Avaeh is giving away a t-shirt to one U.S. winner. For a chance to win, please enter a comment before November 1. The winner will make a selection from the Amazon website (below). Thanks, Avaeh!

The Amazon link to the t-shirts is here.

The Amazon link to Avaeh’s coloring books is here.


Avaeh tells us more about herself:  I’ve led many lives while here on this planet – child, friend, partner, parent – but I’ve always been an artist too. As long as I can remember, I’ve loved to draw, craft, and sketch. I have always had pets and love being in the great outdoors. My friends call me a hippie, and that’s okay with me – I take it as a great compliment. I am definitely not the conventional or corporate type – I am much more of a free spirit who enjoys a good joke, colorful language, and insightful conversations over high heels and the newest trends in fashion. Give me a t-shirt, jeans, and some comfortable shoes any day over all of that, and I’ll be as happy as can be.