Menopause: The Fork!


Those are some pretty serious words from menopause guru Christiane Northrup.



Let’s choose GROW!

Not like our waistlines  or our to-do-lists.

But our minds.

Our souls.

Our sense of self.

Our generous spirits.

Our creative actions.

Our whimsical and comfortable confidence.

When my daughter Laura was baptized, my mom took a picture with a flash.

I knew our pastor HATED cameras in church.

From my place at the baptismal font, I gave Mom the look, a real glower.

Twenty-seven years ago, when I fussed at her after church, she declared, “I’m the grandmother. I can do things like that.”

Now I’m a grandmother, admiring my mother’s spunk.

In menopause, one way I hope to grow, is to NOT be afraid of the glower,of getting, every now and then, the look.

What about you?  What are your growing plans?

Graphic:  Thanks for the graphic goes to Vibrant Nation, an engaging and fun site for women over 50.  They’re kind enough to feature some of my blog posts. Check out Vibrant Nation HERE.