Sharecare and a Trip!


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Sharecare has named me a a Top Ten Social Healthmaker on Menopause.  Way cool! Thanks, Sharecare!

Sharecare is a site created by Dr. Mehmet Oz and Jeffrey T. Arnold, founded of WebMD.

Top Ten Social Healthmakers on Menopause

I share the honor with sisters in the Great Pause, and one gentlemen. Here are their names and links to their blogs:

Ellen Dolgen–

Magnolia Miller–

Barb Depree, MD–

Andrew Weil, MD-Dr.

Shirley Weir–

Holly Osterman–

Kris T.


Marie Hoag–

Staness Jonekos–

You can read more about them on the Sharecare site too.


Do check out the menopause pages. Lots of good info.

Because of Sharecare, I’m off on a trip!

A menopause trip!

The North American Menopause Society invited me, and the others, to their conference this week in Dallas. NAMS is paying my conference admission, and I’m footing the rest.  (The newlyweds live in Dallas, making the decision to go quite easy.)

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NAMS has plenty of menopause info our their site too.

Back to the trip.

These are the lectures I will hear: North American Menopause Society Scientific Program.

And I’m going to a pre-meeting symposium titled “Vulvovaginal Health:  Let’s Talk About It.”


I blush when I type the word.

Not sure I’m ready to talk about it.

But I’m ready to listen.

Anything for Friend for the Ride…

 Friend for the Ride


Menopause Recap: Good Articles Spinning Around the Web


I wonder what Flemish painter Jacob Jordaens would think of the Internet. He painted this picture of Adam and Eve and the Tree of Knowledge back in the 17th century.

Looks sort of like they are spinning the World Wide Web.

That gets me wondering what Eve would think of the Internet.

I bet she would have LOVED it and tempted Adam to spend hours here, too.

What a source of intrigue and information, which brings me to The Great Pause.

These four articles pack plenty of menopausal knowledge. Check ’em out faster than Eve checked out that enticing red apple.

Poise Menopause Blogger Lori Jo Vest created this Mother of All List of menopause symptoms. Find the article here, and while you’re on the Poise site, check out some of the other articles and personal menopause stories.

On Vibrant Nation, read a post by physician Barb DePree describing a system doctors are now using to track menopause.

Study up on cutting  edge  research on menopause, fat storage, and weight gain by Sylvia Santosa, assistant professor in Concordia University’s Department of Exercise Science .

Last but not least, read Menopause Expert Ellen Dolgen’s insights on dealing with menopause and Stress.

And before you go, let’s all give Eve a Friend for the Ride round of applause for her spunk!

Taste the Fruit of Knowledge