My Cancer Story: A Gulp and a Cookie Celebration


When I went back to my oncologist and surgeon, Paola Gehrig, for my post-op check up a few weeks ago, she announced that all systems are go. I don’t need to return for six months.

I asked some practical questions and then said, “Now may I ask a more serious one?”

“Of course.”

“If I hadn’t had this surgery, what would have happened?”

“Your cancer was early stage, but it was definitely not just a pre-cancer. It was moving into the uterine wall. It would have metastasized in two years.”


After the appointment in oncology, I celebrated life with a cookie on the terrace of UNC Hospital. The day was gorgeous, cool and dry with a breeze that tossed the cookie wrapper into the air. Not your usual fare for late summer in North Carolina. I’m a frosting girl, and I ate that treat as slowly as I could.

If my cancer has a purpose, the interior one is (I think) to be more appreciative and to whoop it up more.

But the outward purpose is clear. I’m now using my writing to advocate for early detection of endometrial cancer. I’ve been healthy all my life, and I felt fine. Look how close to death I maybe was.

Please help me spread the word.

My Endometrial Cancer page is an archive of all of my posts. This post  includes an interview with my doctor, Paola Gehrig. Dr. Gehrig highlights those early and often quite subtle cancer symptoms.

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