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The Ladies Room Door Art Series: Part Thirty-three



More doors!

From daughter Laura and son-in-law Matt, Amsterdam Falalel in Dallas, Texas.

I snapped this one at the Salt Grass Steakhouse in San Marcos, Texas.


I met these cool cowboys inside the ladies room.




This is the Caso Rio on the San Antonio Riverwalk. Cliff and I spent a few nights there before we met up with the kids in Austin for Christmas.

Bella on the River in San Antonio. Wonderful Italian cuisine. We sat right by the water and waved at the passengers in the tour boats as they floated by.


Doughnuts and chocolate glaze for dessert!


We love the San Antonio Riverwalk. It’s romantic and festive. You can get some good hotel deals on Travelocity.


More drinks by the river.


On to Austin! The Pinthouse. Love those brass letters.


Now we’re in Greenpond, New Jersey. Cliff was there in the fall for his cousin’s anniversary celebration, held in the Green Pond Firehouse. The women’s room door…



And the men’s. Cliff’s cousin Robert is a fireman, and he reports that firehouses often have creative doors, connecting, hmmm…anatomy with firefighting equipment.

Susan sent us The Asian Harbor Restaurant in Durham.



From Candace, Buzz’s Roost in Georgetown, South Carolina.


I took this one at the gas station  in Haw River, North Carolina, where Cliff loves to get coffee when we start our travels West on I-40.


And from Carol, taken at Sidewall Pizza Company in Traveler’s Rest, South Carolina. Carol reports that the bunny is significant because the restaurant is close to the 25 mile +Swamp Rabbit Bike Trail. img_3367

From Lois, the Mellow Mushroom in Burlington, North Carolina. Mellow Mushrooms consistently have creative doors. You guys are mellow and fun!


Kathy sent us this unisex door from the Girl and the Fig in Sonoma, California.


Finally, if you’re in the mood to create your own bathroom art, try toilet paper tubes. Let the work of Fritz Jacquet inspire you! Check our his art here.



The Ladies Room Door Art Series: Part Thirty-one



From Jan, Goombay’s Grille and Raw Bar in Kill Devil Hills, North Carolina. Below, the ladies room door a miniature golf course on the Outer Banks. These doors make me crave the warm beach days of summer.

IMG_5391 (1)

And also from Jan, the Badlands Saloon and Grille in Wall, South Dakota.


I found this door at Jason’s Deli in Durham, North Carolina


Daughter Laura and husband Matt found these doors on their babymoon in Bermuda.




From Karen, Ropewalk Restaurant in Ocean City, Maryland.


From Ken, Thaiphoon Restaurant in Crystal City, Virginia.


From Carol, Daddy Joe’s in Gaffney, South Carolina.


IMG_6002 (1)

From Ken, who dined at Paisano’s on 1604, an Italian restaurant in San Antonio.



Another from Jan, Michael’s Seafood Restaurant in Carolina Beach.


From Carol, the door at Tumbleweed Restaurant, a Tex Mex grill in Chillicothe, Ohio.



And that wraps up another in our Ladies Room Door Art Series! Thank you, one and all.

The Ladies Room Door Art Series: Part Twenty-one



Above, this door graces the entrance to the ladies room at The Calgary Stampede. Below, a Pizza Hut in Swift Current, Saskatchewan. These fine doors were sent to us by reader Cindy.

Cindy wrote that she discovered the doors below “at a Greek restaurant in Banff. At first it was kind of confusing as to which was which.”


I asked my friend, classical scholar Dr. Ken Ostrand, to identify the figures for us. The lady above is Athena. Ken writes about the gentleman below: “I’ve always felt it was Zeus, but until recently the majority view was that it was Poseidon. Now authorities are shifting to Zeus. It’s a magnificent bronze piece, about 6’6, naked, and powerful, from ca. 470 BC, if memory serves me right.”

And finally, Cindy  found this sign at a bar in NW Wisconsin.

The wreath graces the bathroom door at the Blissful Journey Day Spa here in Hillsborough.


This tall lady peeks out from the ladies room door of Food Lion in Hillsborough.


I snapped this elegant sign at the Black Bear Cafe and Bistro in Warrenton, Virginia.


Reader Silvia sent this shadowy lady from the IKEA in Merriam, Kansas.


Silvia found the  door below at The Chef, a diner in Manhattan, Kansas.


And the fancy feather lady at The Folly Theater in Kansas City, Missouri.

Follie Theater

From Ericka, comes a door on Marco Island, Florida.


Carol, famous for The Potty Trip of Potty Trips, discovered this door at the Evans Prairie County Club, The Villages, Florida.


And another from Carol, Morgan’s Tavern in New Bern, North Carolina.


Finally, a lady shape on the wall at my beloved Southpoint Mall. I think she’s got a nice funky edge to her.



And that wraps it up for Edition Number Twenty-one of our Ladies Room Door Art Series. I can’t tell you how excited I am to receive an email with new doors! Thank you all so much!

The Ladies Room Door Art Series: Part Seventeen



I took this sign above the ladies room at The Pilot House in Wilmington, North Carlolina. It’s simple and classy. Inside the bathroom, I found a fireplace, which I’ve never seen in a ladies room before!


From reader Judy comes a sign above a bathroom the Among the Flowers Cafe on Martha’s Vineyard.

FullSizeRender (6)

From reader Kathy, the doors of the Lady and the Fig in Sonoma, California. Kathy reports they used to have Barbie on one door and Ken on the other, but the bathrooms have gone gender-neutral. Speaking of gender neutral, here’s a recent article on the topic in the New York Times. I gotta say though, it breaks my heart to think the ladies room door series may have to come to a close one day.

photo 2

How do you feel about gender-neutral bathrooms? Am I correct in assuming these are single person bathrooms and that it doesn’t mean men and women will be next to one another in the stalls?

photo 1

I was delighted to find this door at the Angus Barn, a longstanding old favorite in Raleigh, North Carolina.

And this festive chicken tile inside one of the ladies rooms.


Since the restaurant’s name is Angus Barn, look at these great stall doors. Talk about a play on words!


Finally, another door at the Angus Barn.This one’s near the cozy upstairs bar (where they offer complimentary cheese and crackers).


The Birchhill B and B in Liscomb, Nova Scotia. Once again, from loyal reader Judy.

FullSizeRender (1)

Judy found this one at the  Celtic Interpretive Centre in Nova Scotia. The bottom letters are Gaelic.

FullSizeRender (2)

Here are shots she took a the  Bell Bouy Restaurant in Nova Scotia.

FullSizeRender (3)

Some equal time for the men.

FullSizeRender (5)

Reader Cindy writes this about a door she found at the Blue Water Bistro: “This lovely mermaid graced the ladies’ room door where my college friends and I had lunch during a recent reunion in Estero, Florida.  We graduated from Kalamazoo College in 1978, live in 6 different states, and get together every year in a different location.” Fun!

Finally. from Judy and Alice, Taste Full Beans, Hickory, North Carolina (a joint bathroom door sighting!)


When you go to a holiday Christmas party, do check out the ladies room door. And for those of you traveling this season, let sending a door to Friend for the Ride be  a happy highlight. My email is on the right. Thanks!