Bee Friendly Vaginal Lubricant and Moisturizer: A Giveaway!


Here’s the buzz and a giveaway from our friends at Bee Friendly: 

Bee Friendly has developed an organic vaginal moisturizer and personal lubricant based mainly on natural beeswax.

As with most Bee Friendly products, it is USDA certified organic, which means there are no harsh chemicals added at any point during the production of the cream. It is designed to provide moisture to the vaginal area, leaving it soothed and softened. Proven to reduce dryness, chafing, itching, irritation, and inflammation, it is the perfect product to use for any personal issues.



The ingredients are all natural and have been formulated to provide hydration and rejuvenation. It is particularly suitable for women who start to develop dryness due to breastfeeding or menopause, but can be used by any woman at any time. Because it is based on beeswax, it is antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory, which help restore balance to the healthy vaginal flora.

Giveaway: Bee Friendly is offering a jar of Bee Friendly Vaginal Moisturizer and Personal Lubricant to two lucky Friend for the Ride winners. For a chance to win, please enter a comment below or email me at the address to your right.  Contest ends on November 25.

Bee Friendly Skin Care writes this about their company: Bee Friendly was created by  friends who have a passion for natural and holistic beauty. We have been working together for a long time in order to bring a wide range of skin care products to the market that deliver a number of key benefits. First of all, BeeFriendly’s products are designed to give measurable results in terms of making people look better holistically. As a result, those who use the products have a greater opportunity to also feel better. After all, when we look good on the outside, we also feel better on the inside. Secondly, we wanted to make sure that our products do not cause any damage to nature. Not just that, we actually want to improve the world around us by using the awesome power of bees.

Learn even more on the Bee Friendly Skin Care website. Find Bee Friendly products on Amazon here.