The Heart of the Fight: A Book Giveaway


Fight! Fight! Fight!

Yep, fight! Turns out after years of thinking we should avoid them, fighting is one of the best things you can do for your marriage. The Heart of the Fight: A Couple’s Guide to Fifteen Common Fights, What They Really Mean, and How They Can Bring You Closer spells it out for us. What’s extra fun about the book is that the authors, Judith Wright and Bob Wright, are married and they reveal plenty about their own marriage and their own fights.

Here’s the book’s description from the publisher:  Every couple fights — it’s how you fight that can determine the success of your relationship. In this unique guide, you’ll learn how to use disagreements as an opportunity to deepen your understanding of your partner, bring more intimacy to the relationship, strengthen your bond, and really learn from the conflicts and tensions that occur between you. If you’re ready to start fighting for your love, rather than against it, this book will show you how. Read more about the book here.

Giveaway: The publisher is offering a copy to one lucky Friend for the Ride reader. For a chance to win, please enter a comment before April 10. Tell us about  your biggest fight ever. (Just kidding!)

The Authors, Judith and Bob Wright, below, sure look to me like they’ve worked their differences. Guess they know just what they’re talking about.