Your Skeleton: Saving Them Bones!



Until I listened to Jane Hirshfield’s poem, “My Skeleton,” I’d never thought about my own skeleton.

Sure, I’d pondered individual bones. Wondered what they might look like under my skin Worried about breaking one.

But I’d never thought about my entire skeleton. Me, just bones, looking a bit like the skeleton I hang on our kitchen door at Halloween.

Hey! Maybe that’s how I can achieve immortality! Me, grinning from the wall of a fine university someday. Proud to be a skeleton. Not a hint of cellulite or padding on my pelvis.

What about you? Any interest in the skeleton life?

Listen to Jane’s poem, an ode to her own skeleton. Love it!


But what about our skeletons now?

How do we preserve our bones while they’re instrumental to our every movement? While we’re kicking and breathing?

I turned to menopause expert Ellen Dolgen. She sent me the link to her article “The Big O’ Ain’t What It Used to Be–Osteoporosis 101.  Ellen writes about bone density testing, the pros and cons of medication for osteoporosis, and non-medical methods for improving bone health, including good old walking. Thanks, Ellen!

Photo: The skeleton in the photo graces our door at Halloween. She was pleased to post a few weeks ago for Friend for the Ride. I like this photo because it shows a skeleton of sorts in my life, our old stove, and reflects back into the green of our yard.

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Jane Hirshfield: To lean more about poet Jane Hirshfield, visit the site of the Poetry Foundation.