Mae and Cleo Moisturizers: Info and a Giveaway!


Here’s some info and a giveaway from the folks at Damiva:

Damiva was founded by Chia Chia Sun, a cancer geneticist and epidemiologist from Toronto. Several years ago, while doing a large cancer study, she was struck by how the women were experiencing all the  symptoms of menopause; further research taught her that there weren’t good products on the market that were safe and effective over the long term, so she and her partner developed their own.

Damiva products are made by women for women; they are all-natural, chemical- and hormone-free, and are safe for women to use for 30 or more years. They consist of Mae, a vaginal moisturizer suppository, and Cleo, a labial moisturizer cream; both are designed to relieve symptoms like dryness, painful or uncomfortable intercourse, recurring vaginal infections, etc. that, as you know, can come with menopause and perimenopause, or can be a result of cancer treatment or from taking certain medication regimens (like antidepressants, allergy medications & antihistamines, etc.).


The mission of Damiva is not only to give women the healthy and safe products they need as they age, but also to help overcome or put aside the taboos and stigmas that stop women from talking about, asking about, learning about, and taking charge of their health as they age. She writes: “We now spend half our lives after the age of 40 in peri-menopause and menopause. It’s time for women to start thinking about their pelvic health as early as in our 30s.”

We want the years over 40 to be the best years of a woman’s life.  And we want all women to have a happy and healthy vajayjay!  So Damiva uses cheeky humor to help women feel less shy talking about issues such as dryness, irritability, painful intercourse, etc.; the company slogan is “Enough beating around the bush – let’s talk about your vagina.”

The products are currently available in Target,, CVS, and, as well as on the Damiva website.

Giveaway: Damiva is offering a box of Mae and a box of Cleo to one Friend for the Ride reader. For a chance to win, please enter a comment by October 31. Thanks!


Mae, a New Product for Vaginal Dryness: A Giveaway!


A post and a giveaway from the makers of Mae, a brand new product for vaginal dryness:

Mae by Damiva is a 100% natural vaginal moisturizer created for long-term use. Mae is free of hormones, chemicals, water and alcohol, so women can feel sexy, naturally.

Damiva’s founder Chia Chia Sun was inspired to create this product after discovering through her own research while working as a scientist and pharmaceutical executive that 85 per cent of postmenopausal women have vaginal dryness symptoms. This high percentage made Sun realize that most women were likely suffering with these symptoms in silence, without any suitable or all natural solutions. From this, Mae by Damiva was created – a product that is all natural, comfortable and healthy to use.

Box of Mae

Plus Damiva’s brand encourages conversation about menopause, aging and hormonal changes in a fresh, fun, cheeky way.


Mae is currently sold in the US on-line at and in healthcare catalogs such as and CarolWrightGifts.comIn Canada, Mae is sold in most national pharmacy chains such as Shoppers’ Drug Mart, Rexall, London Drugs and Loblaws.

British Comedy

GIVEAWAY! The makers of Mae are offering a box to TWO lucky Friend for the Ride winners. For a chance to win, please enter a comment by April 10, 2016. Thanks! And thanks, Mae!

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