Chocolate! A Love Post and an Announcement of Love

I started researching chocolate and women and hormones, so I could say something intelligent and possibly even useful on the topic.

But then I realized, no matter why we love and crave chocolate, the love is so real that the WHY hardly matters.

Love is love.

Sometimes, you just can’t explain it.

Sometimes, inexplicable love is the sweetest.

How about you?  Are you in love with chocolate? What kind?

PS. I will say that The Great Pause brought on plenty of chocolate cravings, more constant than the cravings from PMS.  They have definitely abated some.  Now I’m just on the Happy Chocolate Lovers Plateau, meaning a day without chocolate is like a day without air.

Photo: My friend Gail bought me the blue squares above for my birthday. I’m partial to milk chocolate. Dove is one of my favorites. Thanks, Gail.

AND speaking of love, Daughter Number Two, Laura, received a beautiful engagement ring yesterday from her wonderful boyfriend, Matt Allen. Mother of the Bride, coming up!

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Fudge: Pondering Good and Evil

Good and evil. Often, it’s easy to know the difference. To decide. To choose. “Always do what’s right,” was one of my father’s trademark lines.

But then, there are the in-between cases, the not-so-sure situations, the maybe yes or maybe no’s of morality.

As I grow older, I’m seeing the line more blurred, the answers not always so simple.   Hence my Fudge Prayer, posted especially in honor of  upcoming Valentine’s Day. (As an aside,  some women and men find this holiday almost holy; others see it as the work of the underworld.)

Anyway, back to moral quandaries and fudge.  Let us pray:

Dear God,

I can’t decide if fudge,

Is good or evil.

Cocoa beans, sugar, rich butter,

Confection of good delight

Or calories of evil to the body temple.

The fudge is gone,


Not unlike the cat and canary.

And now I offer this

Grateful Prayer of Thanksgiving

Or this humble Prayer of Repentance.

Amen and Amen.

What about you? Is chocolate a gift from above or an enticement of the devil? What other cases of good and evil do you debate with yourself and among family and friends?

Photo:  It’s your decision, of course, but here’s the recipe for the fudge in the picture.  If you decide to cook up a batch, just announce, “The Good Saint Valentine made me do it”

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