Holiday Dots!


A few days ago, as I finished up the Christmas tree, perfect white dots appeared on the wall and ceiling nearby. I’ve lived in this house for thirty years and have never seen dots.

I love polka dots. They represent the random and the upbeat. Yet they represent a sort of order, too, in their careful roundness. And so I looked for a message.

Were the dots a sign from my mother? Mom liked dots, but she wasn’t one to wear dots, and she didn’t put them in her art work very often.

Were the dots a sign from God or from the universe? If so, what’s the message to me? I couldn’t decipher one.

Did the tree send the dots? Was the tree, or the light shining through the window behind it, trying to tell me something? But what? All I know is these were dots of delight. They charmed me by shining bright white on my blue walls in the midst of a hectic week.

Speaking of dots, I wish you delightful holidays, whichever holidays you celebrate, dotted with good food and conversation and friends and family. And maybe a few presents.

May dots of delight randomly pop into your festivities!

Square of Dots

Here’s the wiki entry on polka dots. Read up!