Cucumber Clothing: A Giveaway!

A post and a wonderful giveaway offer from Cucumber Clothing:

If you haven’t met us already, Cucumber Clothing is a brand new collection that harnesses high tech fabric innovation to great style and design.

Our USP lies in our intelligent fabrics which move moisture up and away from the body at speed, have anti-microbial (odour killing) nano-technology, keep you dry and fresh, last six times longer than cotton and are beautifully soft and gorgeous to wear.  #nosweat!

Giveaway: Cucumber Clothing is giving away a dressing gown to one lucky Friend for the Ride reader.Here’s the scoop on this cool gown:

Our beautiful ¾ length cut kimono style dressing gown has a clever inner tie which means you’ll never have to leave it all hanging out.  We made it for those days when, quite frankly, dressing is one step too far. We think it keeps you looking smooth on the outside and utterly relaxed and cool on the insideAnd, shh, we’ve noticed that some people are wearing  these out and about as a stylish long cardi too! You may choose navy or silver.

For a chance to win, please enter a comment by June 20.

Read good news about menopause and Cucumber Clothing.

Learn lots more about Cucumber on their website.

Check out their informative blog.


Thanks, Cucumber!



Alvoru Clothing: A Giveaway!

A post by Jeanette Knittel, founder of of alvoru:

The middle of the night and I woke up wondering if I was swimming! Seriously, how could I be soaked? The sheets, mattress pad, me—everything was screaming wet! I thought for sure I would find a pool of water under the bed!

Maybe it was a freak incident? But wait this happened the next night, and the next, and the next! Welcome to my beginning of peri-menopause and night sweats.

While I knew that night sweats and hot flashes are a part of the aging process, I was so unprepared for the misery that would be a part of my life for years. After months of the same scenario, night after night, I decided to go online and look for sleepwear to help with the night sweats. What I found was a number of companies with wicking fabric but OMG…no way at 46 was I ready to be wearing granny gowns for the rest of my days! So much for any sex appeal in my bedroom! Still, I desperately needed sleep so I bought the best-looking option out there. Lo and behold, it helped, yet it wasn’t at all what I wanted in appearance, performance, and function.

After letting the idea percolate for a number of years (along with continued pool parties!) I decided to look into creating a line of clothing of women that would help them feel sexy, cool, confident and comfortable while struggling with hot flashes and/or night sweats. Nearly 10 years later, I launched alvöru and I’m thrilled to share my passion for my product with other women who suffer like I did (and still do!).


My brand, alvöru, is an apparel line designed for women who want FEMININE, CLASSIC, and COMFORTABLE clothes to balance career and casual while dealing with hormonal fluctuations that cause hot flashes and night sweats. Aside from menopause, many women face challenges due to increased body temperature occurring in pregnancy, chemotherapy, various medications and other illness or disease.

avöru utilizes the technology that went into space gloves used by NASA to regulate astronauts body temperature using what’s called PHASE CHANGE MATERIALS.  Imagine ice cubes in a drink; as the ice cube changes from solid to liquid, it absorbs heat and cools the drink, keeping your drink at the desired temperature for longer. Our clothing works the same way – as the skin gets hot, the heat is absorbed, and as it cools, that heat is released.

The alvöru collection is created using a blend of fabric that feels great against your skin. Current designs are made from a jersey knit of supima cotton, viscose and spandex. All of these components bring you the comfort of that old worn T-shirt but in a STYLISH and CLASSY design that works whether under your business suit, with jeans or even to sleep in. And, everything about our product is proudly Made in America.

Being COOL, COMFORTABLE and CONFIDENT throughout your day is so easy with alvöru.

tank giveaway-2 (1)

Giveaway: Jeanette is giving away a tank (above)  to one lucky Friend for the Ride reader. Here’s the description:

The perfect tank – sizes XS-1X  in black or off white
A lifestyle wardrobe essential, the alvöru perfect tank, will be your go-to basic tank. With flattering not-too-low and not-too-high scoop neck along with bra-friendly straps and some slight waistline tailoring, our perfect tank will fit into your business and casual style with ease. Being cool and comfortable will never feel the same!

For a chance to win, please enter a comment by June 10. Thanks!

About Jeanette: Jeanette Knittel never knew after graduating from John Brown University in Siloam Springs, AR with a B.S. in Home Economics/Child Development & Psychology, decades later that education would be integral when starting alvöru clothing.

Prior to alvöru, Jeanette worked 10 years in the computer graphics industry owning Computer Images of Wichita and Kansas City with such clients as Pizza Hut, Inc. Sprint, AMC Theaters, and Boeing. Upon selling, Jeanette took her talents of relationship building to various sales careers – in computer-related industries and her last employment with the Greater Kansas City Chamber of Commerce.

With acceptance in 2012 into UMKC’s Entrepreneurship Scholars Program, the decision to turn a dream into a business became reality.


Nano Cooling Scarf: A Giveaway and a Holiday Gift Idea!


My friend Sam White is the brilliant inventor of the Nano Cooling necklace. Sam just sent me his latest fashion statement for women with hot flashes: The Nano Cooling Scarf.

Menopausal hot flashes just got a lot more stylish!


The scarf comes in purple or rainbow. Sam writes, “This is a more subtle style than the necklace spheres but gives you the same cooling relief from the heat.” He adds, “We hope this helps you stay cool when your partner wants to put the heat up in your home this winter!”

Giveaway: Sam is offering a scarf to a lucky Friend for the Ride winner. You can choose between the purple and the rainbow.  If you want the scarf as a gift, Sam will get it to you before the holidays. To win, please enter a comment before December 15. Thanks, Sam!

Check out the Nano Cooling site here. The scarves are freezer charged. Now that’s cool!


The Cool Collection: A Giveaway!




Here’s the scoop on a new cool clothing line. Take it away, Love Shibue, and thank you for your generous giveaway offer!

You deserve to feel COOL in HOT situations, and now you can! Love Shibue has designed the “Fashion Meets Performance Cool Collection” just for YOU.

In today’s world, we are racing from one place to another. We need clothes that move, function, and perform with our lifestyle.  At Love Shibue they’ve created a COOL, fun, and fashionable collection that can transform your look from daytime, to a night out on the town… then off to bed! 

Love Shibue is a Fashion Solution company that brings new and innovative products along with versatile fashion for women of all shapes, sizes and ages. In addition to their coveted fashion solutions (like their Instant Breast Lifts, Breast Inserts and Lifts, Non-Slip Tanks and Dresses, and more)… now they’ve partnered with GarmateX®, a leading fabric performance manufacturer, to bring women a casual, COOL fashion and lounge wear collection with their exclusive patented Kottinu materials.

Designer and CEO, Jenny Buettner, learned first-hand how frustrating it is for women who suffer with pre-menopause / menopause Hot Flash issues. She would start out her day looking great, then go into Hot Flash mode, her clothes would dampen and then she would freeze when the flash was over! She was miserable when this would happen during the day, plus she had trouble sleeping at night when the Hot Flashes occurred, and she would end up miserable in drenched PJ’s! She looked for fun and fashionable pieces to wear that weren’t workout wicking, polyester clothing and she was left sorely disappointed! Jenny decided to do something about the lack of fashionable, soft, performance, wicking garments on the market so she created her first clothing line the “Cool Collection.” 

To date, she’s released just a few pieces of the collection in a Racerback style dress and a Tunic with flirty winged sides that can easily transform from lounging to a night out.  Jenny does not believe that we should have to look frumpy and dowdy when we’re suffering from hot flashes, night sweats, warm weather, or side effects from medical treatments and I couldn’t agree more!

Their body temperature controlled Kottinu materials are soft & buttery, it feels and breathes better than cotton, wicks away perspiration and moisture, destroys odor, and is 99.9% bacteria free with record time drying ability. These patented features allows you to feel comfortable in any environment. Not only will you look great but the material will assist people with fevers, sleep sweats and everyday abnormal sweating, especially those with various ailments, such as Lyme’s disease, cancer, diabetes, and thyroid issues, to name a few.

It’s bad enough to be suffering from many of these conditions, but at the very least, we are thankful that Love Shibue can now provide a classy, cute, casual, and fun look, that uses materials which can aide in physical comfort, and give women self-confidence in their style choice.


Read more about Love Shibue at their website,

Giveway: Love Shibue is giving away a Kottinu Tunic Dress in one of the colors below, sizes S to XXL. For a chance to win, please enter a comment by November 25. Thank, Love Shibue!