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Cookie Aging Points and the World’s Easiest Cookie Recipe


I’d be telling a lie, which is chancy this time of year with Santa watching and all, if I said I love getting old.

Some say we’re supposed to not mind aging.  “Age is just a number,” they tell us.

And the subtitle of this blog is indeed “Encouraging Words for the Menopause Roller Coaster.”

But wrinkles and saggy thighs and creaky feet can sometimes outshine the bravado that comes with aging.  So I look for that bravado wherever I can.

In honor of the season, I present you some upbeat cookie thoughts on getting old.

Cookie Aging Point One:

My menopausal eyes spotted this slick bottle in the baking aisle four days ago. A new kind of squirt icing!

Holiday Frosting

I’m not sure how well it works, but being a lover of icing, I’m looking forward to giving  it a whirl and a swirl.

How cool to live long enough to see good, new stuff:  computers and other useful inventions,  medical advances, innovative works of art that reflect the times we live in, AND a new system for making dots and squiggles with frosting.

Cookie Aging Point Two:

It’s neat to have lived long enough to remember the stuff of yesterday:  the expression “neat,” record players, the Beatles on Ed Sullivan, troll dolls, wooden rings on our fingers, hip hugger skirts and poor boy tops, Almond Smash, AND our moms and grandmas rolling out cookies oh so thin and oh so delicious (and storing them in metal tins).


Cookie Aging Point Three:

Finally, how lovely to have recipes you make year after year, first given to you by a friend or relative.  That person abides in your thoughts while you cook!

Here’s my friend Cathy’s shortbread recipe as I wrote it down twenty-some years ago.


You don’t need squirt icing or cookie cutters. You don’t even need to grease the pan.  Sugar is 1/2 cup. (I know it’s a little hard to read.)

Take the shortbread out of the oven when it’s lightly browned.  Dust with colored sugar or confectioner’s or leave plain. Cut into squares or other shapes.


Guest Post: Pushing Fifty or Pushing Puberty


I am so pleased to have an opportunity to visit with my Pausin’ Sisters here.  Thank you so much for the invitation, Barb!

Over at my blog www.RemarkableWrinklies.com I explore a lot of areas of aging and living well during the “passage” years.  And what I’ve learned is, as I was thrust into peri-menopause, my life seemed to come full circle…

I was once again in puberty.

I was sleeping all day.  I wasn’t sleeping at all.  I was getting zits.  I was crying.  I was giddy.  I was angry.  I was touchy.  I was anxious.  Everybody hates me, nobody likes me, think I’ll eat some worms.

I was a teenager again for God’s sake!

For me, I was experiencing a return to many of the “joys” of puberty.  Periods I couldn’t count on.  Moods I couldn’t count on.  Sore boobs.  Skin that betrayed me.

There I was 50 years old, looking at myself in the mirror and seeing the 14 year old me looking back, all petulant.  And yes, I was ticked off because I was going on vacation and there was a big zit on my nose!  Really?  Here I was 50 years old putting zit cream on my face!  Slamming doors.  Stomping feet.  Pouting.  It was all back.

But, because I knew I WASN’T in puberty, I knew I had to be instead;

a) going mad,

b) having a heart attack,

c) getting mean,

d) on fire, and

e) seeing skin cancer.

It was a bit scary at times.  But, once I learned I was back in puberty with all the familiar hormonal ups and downs, I started to relax a little.  I had come full circle, much to my chagrin.  The feeling of; “Wasn’t I here before?” was disturbing at times, but I got through it.

So, would you like to know how it ends?

Now that I have ‘crossed over’ to menopause, I can look back with a certain amount of clarity via the gift of hindsight.  Those dozen or so years of peri-menopause may feel like a blip on my life’s radar screen, but I learned something.  When I first entered my “puberty re-enactment” or peri-menopause, I didn’t know what to expect.  Like Barb said in her post, Not Your Cookie Cutter Menopause, the menopause years are not punched out cookie-cutter style.

Even if hundreds of women chose my biscuit cutter to ‘cut out’ how their peri-menopause looks (coming full-circle back to puberty), there would be so many differences.  Menopause is definitely not cookie-cutter style, just like puberty is not cookie-cutter style, either.  The lists of symptoms and complaints are endless, and endlessly confusing.  None of us can be sure how our journey will go.  As my Mom said; “Aging is not for the timid.”  And, in the arms of our friends, we’ll find the strength to stay bold and strong, and just get through the whole thing… maybe even with a few laughs.

Thank you again, Barb, for inviting me to share my thoughts.  I sure enjoy coming here and reading what you and your community of friends have to say.  I’m sure I’ll see you around again soon!

Patti Winker believes that “women of a certain age” need to share their stories in order to stay connected and live well.  At www.RemarkableWrinklies.com, she writes about aging and health, but also likes to wax nostalgic once in a while and have a few laughs along the way.  It’s all a part of this great time in our lives.  When Patti’s not riding her bike, she’s in her kitchen, or traveling with her husband, or playing with her family, the grandkids, the cats, and the dogs.

Not Your Cookie Cutter Menopause


The older I get, the more I appreciate that we’re not all cut from the same cookie cutter.  People are fascinating.   If we were all the same, how boring might that be?


When it comes to The Great Pause, I think one cookie cutter would have been a good thing.

Menopausal symptoms and troubles vary widely from woman to woman.  While you’re suffering from periods that linger for days, you’ve got a friend with hormonal depression and another who hasn’t slept past five AM for three months.

So there’s plenty to discuss, but sometimes we’re such different cookies, that’s it’s hard to get the support we need for our specific woe.

That brings me to this request:  I’m looking for guest posts, especially on aspects of menopause or midlife that I’ve yet to cover or that I haven’t experienced.  If you would like to write one, shoot me an email.

I didn’t have many hot flashes, but we have a cool (pun slightly intended) hot flash post soon off the presses from Meg Tipper.  Edna Brown has written a post on early menopause titled “The Early Bird,” and Dawn Reno is going to entertain us with “Men-o-pause Dating.”

We’ve all got Soul Mates in Menopause somewhere in the universe.  I’d love for this blog to help you find them.

Photos:  Do you have a favorite cookie cutter from your childhood?  My mom had one that was rolled across the dough, cutting fancy circles as it went.  I’m not sure what happened to it.  These are others from her collection.

More Cookie Cutter Info:  Be an expert before the day ends!  Read this article on antique cookie cutters and the history of the cookie cutter.  These are the sort of tidbits you can throw out to wow folks at your next job interview or cocktail party.  Don’t miss the video, either!  Aunt Chick is watching you from heaven and will heap blessings on your next batch of cookies if you pay her just a bit of homage.