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A Peeps Internet Confession

This post is short but sweet.

I adore Peeps. I mean I really adore them.

I’m fessing up in honor of the Easter holiday and the great candy it brings.

When I was in the throes of PMS and Menopause Madness, I would not just eat a a whole ROW of Peeps in one sitting but an  ENTIRE box.

And yes, I think they are darling, but I can gobble them down without any mercy.

So now you fess up!

What is your hormonal food of hormonal foods?  You’re guaranteed safe haven on Friend for the Ride.

Recipes:  I’m pretty much a Peeps purist, but here are some recipes if you’re feeling like you want to branch out.

And here are some more.

P.S.  Now that my hormones feel calmer, I’m down to two Peeps at a time. My goal is to be able to eat just one, but life is awfully short (for me and the Peeps.)

Menopause, Menopause Symptoms

Cravings! Ha!

Disclaimer:  Before you read this, I must tell you that in all my years of PMS and through The Big Change, I never, I mean NEVER, conquered cravings.  So this post is just to say they are real.

We can each make our own list.  This is mine:

  • Chocolate:  I know it’s out of vogue, but I adore milk, not dark, chocolate
  • Icing:  From the pink roses on a birthday cake to the white circle inside an Oreo
  • Potato Chips:  All varieties, but my top choice for a hormone balm is salt and vinegar
  • Marshmallow Peeps:  I like to eat a row, if not a pack, at once.  So Long Peeps!
  • French Fries:  With salt.  With ketchup.  With vinegar.  With a combination of the three.

When I was in the maelstrom of menopausal cravings, I once ate an entire Christmas gift basket in three days, some of it in the middle of the night.  A huge and very fancy gift basket that I should have shared with holiday revelers.

There are lots of tips out there for beating cravings. Give them a try, although they didn’t work for me.  The good news is once your hormones calm down, the intense cravings abate.  Then you just have regular old cravings.  Bon appétit!

Photo:  This tin doesn’t hold potato chips anymore, but if it did, I would eat them slowly, just a few a day.  Ha!