Old Mother Hubbard and Her Creaky Bones

Do you ever feel like Old Mother Hubbard, creaking around on tired people bones, especially in the morning?

I told my doctor that I felt creaky. She tested me for Vitamin D deficiency, and despite the fact that I get sunshine, I came out quite low in Vitamin D.

I was amazed at how the creakiness improved when I started taking the D.  It’s fun to take too, as the pills are so dainty. They’re the kind of pills the Princess and the Pea would appreciate.  (Since she was so sensitive that she hated sleeping on a pea despite a stack of mattresses, I figure she wouldn’t be real happy swallowing giant pills like the calcium capsules I also take.)

Back to Mother Hubbard, who like me, has much older bones than the Princess does. What else might help her creaky bones?  Yoga they say, is good for creakiness.  Swimming?  Walking her dog at a brisk pace?  Massage? (which she probably can’t afford since her cupboard is bare.)

Any other suggestions? Any bone creakers out there?

Photo:  My old book, dated 1916, is filled with poems called “Mother Hubbard Melodies.”  Talk about weird rhymes for kids! Here’ s one we could recite to the hormone goblin:

With bull rush for dagger

And lath for a spear,

We’ll frighten the goblin,

And kill it with fear.