The Menopause Bunny—NOT!

Henrietta Bunny

Since Mrs. Claus has taken an interest in Friend for the Ride.


And since there are Menopause Pumpkins.


And since you can buy a Magic Guilt-free Holiday Wand.

Holiday Wand

I thought, perhaps, there might be  a Menopause Bunny to help women out, especially in the springtime.

So I asked the bunny above, who lives at my house. Her name is Henrietta.

“No, honey,” Henrietta said, shaking her long ears.  “There’s no such thing as a Menopause Bunny.”

Her nose twitched.

Then she added, “There’s  just the Easter Bunny.”

More twitches.

“He’s got menopause covered though,” she said. “Why do you think he brings so much chocolate?”


Thanks for the info, Henrietta. I hope the Bunny fills up your baskets, too.


Children, Life, Memory


This is Duckie now.

And this is Duckie when he was just born.

What a difference, but we love him just the same.  We’re  quacking nuts over this duck.  To the memories!

Duckie arriving that first Easter to surprise Laura.

Duckie settling in and developing quite the personality.

Duckie singing.  Duckie dancing.  Duckie swinging.  Duckie sledding. Duckie laughing.

Duckie wearing T-shirts and baseball caps and scarves.

Duckie riding in the red wagon to play at Beth’s across the street.

Duckie flying down the stairs.

Duckie trekking to the mall.

Duckie blowing out birthday candles.

Duckie riding in a laundry bag though the airport and then the skies, all the way to San Diego.

Duckie attending sleepovers. 

Duckie meeting boyfriends.

Duckie visiting  college.

Celebrate the Duckies in your life (be they rabbits, bears, dolls, dogs, monkeys, lions, or any other huggables), and give them an Easter hug from Duckie.  Oh and one from me, too.

Happy Easter! I hope your basket overflows with chocolate and PEEPS!

(P.S.  No doubt Duckie thinks WE look a bit older too.)

Just updated the post to include lions after two lion comments!  ROAR!  Reminds me that my brother and I had a lion puppet we loved named “Liony.”  I know, not real original.

Top photo courtesy Katherine Younger.

Menopause, PMS

A Peeps Internet Confession

This post is short but sweet.

I adore Peeps. I mean I really adore them.

I’m fessing up in honor of the Easter holiday and the great candy it brings.

When I was in the throes of PMS and Menopause Madness, I would not just eat a a whole ROW of Peeps in one sitting but an  ENTIRE box.

And yes, I think they are darling, but I can gobble them down without any mercy.

So now you fess up!

What is your hormonal food of hormonal foods?  You’re guaranteed safe haven on Friend for the Ride.

Recipes:  I’m pretty much a Peeps purist, but here are some recipes if you’re feeling like you want to branch out.

And here are some more.

P.S.  Now that my hormones feel calmer, I’m down to two Peeps at a time. My goal is to be able to eat just one, but life is awfully short (for me and the Peeps.)