Menopause Feet, Oh My!


About fifteen years ago, my friend Lisa Flinn commented, “When you go through menopause, I read that a layer of fat on you feet disappears. It makes walking more uncomfortable.”

We were talking on the phone when she gave me this bit of info.

And like a lot of things you hear on the phone, I didn’t quite believe it.

Menopause and feet?

What could feet have to do with menopause?

I was a Menopause Virgin.

I thought menopause was all about the end of your periods, hot flashes, and maybe feeling grumpy.

Oh Barbara.

How could you ever be so naive.

About two years ago, my feet started to feel odd, as if…


As if a layer of padding was gone.

As if my bones were actually scraping the hardwood floors of this old house.

Here’s what one foot doctor has to say:

“Aging results in loss of fat below the bottom of the foot, even as unwanted fat is gained in most other parts of the body. This fat once provided cushioning, and we now find ourselves walking on the foot bones and skin.”

The doc goes on to recommend orthotics. If those don’t work, she suggests the injection of some fluffy substance into the actual foot.  Ouch!

Perhaps I’ll get to that point, but for now, I’ve found a cheaper, easier solution.

I bought super duper extra thick tennis socks. It almost feels like you’re putting a baby bunny on your feet.

Spring’s here, and my feet are ready to roll.

So far, pretty good.

High quality walking shoes help too.

Anybody else have a similar foot story to tell?


Tennis Socks

P.S.:  I don”t really know much about this brand. I just picked them out after googling “extra thick socks.”  My uncle isn’t chairman of the board or anything along those lines.

But Thorlo, if you read this post, a Friend for the Ride giveaway would be oh so fluffy cool and fun.