Menopause Moods and a Radiant Being


I hit the Huff Post! They picked up a piece I wrote for EmpowerHer: “Five Thing I Wish My Husband Knew about Menopause.” Thousands of hits! A first for this blogger. Here’s the Huff Post link.

As I wrote the article, I uncovered a concept I’d never considered. Here’s what I wrote:

Speak Up! On days when I seemed extra grumpy or I snapped at Cliff for a minor offense, I wish he’d told me, gently, how this made him feel. In “A Men’s Guide to Menopause,” Dr. Pepper Schwartz writes: “While your role is to be supportive, don’t resign yourself to being her punching bag. If you feel she’s acting very unreasonably, tell her how you feel and how her actions affect you. Be specific.” Had I known what a grump I was on occasion, I could have worked harder to temper my behavior.

Truly, during all those years of PMS and menopausal moodiness, I never thought to ask Cliff: How is this affecting you? What can we do together to improve my mood so both of us are happy (not just me)? Same thinking applies to other family members and friends.

For those of you still dealing with menopausal moodiness, do ponder!

And speaking of moods, look what Cliff bought me from local artist Arianna Bara.


Arianna, who is  a designer metalsmith, calls her “Radiant Being.” My Radiant Being is made from gems that influence moods. Arianna explained that Radiant Being’s body is Crazy Lace Agate,which attracts strength and brings good dreams. Her head is formed from Honey Jade, which is a stone of emotional balance.

Is Radiant Being helping my mood? I suspect so, but mostly, perhaps, because she’s so beautiful and so much fun to wear.

Admire more of Arianna’s lovely pieces below, read her artist’s statement, and see a photo of her I took at the Hillsborough Gallery of Art. To learn more about Arianna’s work, check out her website here.








Artist’s Statement: I am a metalsmith because I enjoy creating objects of delicacy and smoothness from hard and seemingly unyielding materials of the earth. My creative spirit is moved by nature, and nature’s simplest forms are my inspiration. I work in sterling silver using free-form stones, fossils, and gemstones, creating unique combinations of color and texture that make each piece one-of-a-kind. The vibrant blending of lace agate, the glitter of druzy crystals, the flash of  labradorite that hints of the Northern Lights: these features of stones engage and excite me.