Menopausal Rage: Causes and Solutions


Shannon Perry, who blogs for genneve, wrote an excellent post on a topic so many of us don’t want to think about or talk about: menopausal rage.

She begins: “One of the thornier aspects of hormonal change during menopause, PMS, pregnancy, etc., is mood, the regulation thereof. In the course of researching this blog and talking to women heading into menopause, I came across story after story from women who found it difficult to “control” their anger. In truth, I learned that it’s less about controlling anger and more about respecting why it’s there and channeling the truth behind it in more productive ways.”

Shannon  goes on to discuss both serotonin, a neurotransmitter, and estrogen, a hormone, and the havoc menopause can bring to the way they work in your body. She explains that the “lack of serotonin makes it far more difficult to cope with the insomnia, hot flashes, short attention span, and all the other symptoms that can make menopause a challenge.” Shannon then gives practical ways you can understand, own, and channel the anger that often comes with menopause.

The post is titled “Menopause and Mood: Why Do We Seem Angrier…or Has It Always Been there?’ Read the post here.

Find more posts by Shannon as well as other great menopause resources  on the genneve website. 

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About Shannon Perry: Shannon is the media & marketing director for genneve (, a personalized digital health platform for women in midlife. She is dedicated to bringing as many voices as possible to the conversation around women’s midlife health to ensure women have the information and resources they need to lead their best, most vibrant lives.

The painting is mine.


The red on the woman’s face represents the hot bubbling fury of rage. The pink stands for the embarrassment and regret rage can cause. The green is for jealousy or envy that sometimes spark rage. The blue is for sadness and depression, which also can lead to rage. And the gray represents the swirling confusion that menopause can bring. The yellow at the corner of the painting promises the light that comes from understanding and overcoming rage. Thank you Shannon for your tips!


Genneve Lubricants and Moisturizers for Women: A Giveaway!



The folks at genneve sent me their product to try. Good stuff! Thank you, genneve. Now they’re offering a prize package to two lucky Friend for the Ride winners and free samples for all. Take it away, genneve!

Win a prize and extend your tribe – genneve wants to you feel your vibrant best

At team genneve, we’re on a mission – to help women feel fabulous in their bodies at any age.

Being at your fabulous best can be especially challenging in the years around menopause. As estrogen levels drop, we can experience symptoms that impact our lives: hot flashes, insomnia, headaches, vaginal dryness, and more. As estrogen’s protective properties decline, we’re more vulnerable to larger health concerns like heart disease and osteoporosis.

Many menopause symptoms can be managed or avoided

Here’s the good news: women in or approaching menopause are in the most vibrant years of their lives – or we can be. The kids are pretty independent now, professionally we can demand the respect we’ve earned, and our self-confidence is sky-high because frankly, the silly stuff just doesn’t bother us like it used to. And many menopause symptoms can be managed or even avoided so they don’t negatively impact our quality of life.

If we treat ourselves right, if we exercise, eat well, love well, limit stress and make time for our families, friends, and ourselves, our bodies can feel as awesome and vibrant as we are.

At genneve, we’ve worked hard to perfect a line of moisturizers and lubricants that relieve vaginal dryness, so you can feel comfortable during exercise, daily life, and those special intimate moments. And we’ve just introduced a brand-new Ultra Gentle Body Wash that’s great for “down-there care” every day. All our products are formulated and pH-balanced to replace your body’s natural moisture. Free of fragrances, parabens, flavors, or hormones, you can trust our products to moisturize and protect vulnerable tissues.

Thousands of women have tried our products and come back for more, and we couldn’t be happier to be helping women regain their bodies and their confidence.

That’s why we’re so excited to offer two prize packages of our products to you, the Friend for the Ride community! (And if you don’t win, we hope you’ll try our FREE SAMPLES to find the genneve product that works best for you!)

Saying “sayonara” to the stigmas

Our mission can’t be achieved by moisturizers and lubricants alone. The more we talk to women in the perimenopausal, menopausal, and post-menopausal stages of their lives, the more we realize what a hunger there is for knowledge and understanding. We hear the questions all the time: Is what’s happening to me normal? How can I relieve my symptoms? What else can I expect? What steps should I be taking now to protect my future health?

But women’s bodies are still so taboo, we’re reluctant to talk about our issues with each other or even with our doctors. And the information that’s out there can be hard to find, sort through, and understand.

We want to change that.

On our media platform, thegspot, we share blogs, podcasts, videos, and advice from leading health care professionals, nutritionists, physical therapists, femtech specialists, and more so you can ask and get your questions answered. No shame, no embarrassment, no stigmas, just honest answers and solutions from some of the best minds out there on women’s health care.

But our commitment goes even deeper. One of the best indicators of success in surviving and thriving during the menopause transition is having a strong network of support. And so team genneve is creating a community of “gennevers” – women who feel all the vibrancy of this time of their lives, or are working towards it. We share real women’s stories of learning to take control of their health care, dealing with breast cancer, taking on the risks of pregnancy despite migraines, learning the lessons of motherhood, embracing aging, and so much more.

You can see it in awesome blogs like Friend for the Ride: There is enormous wisdom among women, on every topic you can think of, and we’re tapping into that wisdom to share the wealth. We hope you’ll join us – find us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or Medium.


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