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Happy Sitting: An Idea for the New Year

On my first official babysitting gig

At Kath’s house a few months ago,

We played, sang, read,

And sang some more,

And then one of us

Cried, really cried.

Oh no!

Grandma KK, the other grandma,

Had visited in the morning

And lulled baby to sleep

With persistent rocking.

So that afternoon,

Mazen and I rocked

And rocked and rocked,

Until finally, he slept.

Tiny zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz’s.

I looked around for a

TV, a book, a magazine,

A computer, a phone.

Nothing in my reach.

Not daring to move,

I sat, still (almost) as a portrait

Until his mama came home

And snapped this picture.

Smile, Grandma!

That hour in the rocker

Was oh so grand.


A New Year’s resolution:

More happy sitting in 2013

With or without baby.

No grumping

No to-do lists

No figuring out

No planning ahead

No worrying allowed.

Just sitting

Being happy.

(That’s why it’s called happy sitting.)

Will you join me?

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Grandma by Any Other Name Will Sound as Sweet

The baby above, one of my babies, is having a baby.




I’d love to say something profound about grandmothering.

But although I’m the mother of two girls, I don’t know beans about being a GRANDMOTHER.


Everyone asks what I want to be called.

Anything short of  “Hey You” will do.

Well, actually, if the baby wants to call me  “Hey You, ” that might just be okay.

After all, this is my grandchild!

The only thing I really know about grandmothering, thus far, is that the baby, due August 31, will not be wearing Katherine’s pretty white dress, saved oh so many years



BTW, advice is welcome!  I’ve heard we’re not supposed to offer advice to the parents, but you can send me a whole bassinetful. Thanks!