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Final BlogHer ’12 Report: Starstruck!

For me, BlogHer ’12 went out with a BOOM, and I was even able to give my regards to Broadway.

Daughter Laura admonished me that I needed cuter flats. I found this pair a few weeks ago at Nordstroms Rack.  I had them on and was doing conference things, when a woman said, “I love your shoes.”  As a not-great-shoe person, I felt triumphant. My shoes were stars for one sparkling moment.

I marched in said shoes fifteen happy blocks to the B(L)oomers Party, sponsored by BoomBox Network, with help from The Succulent Wife.

BoomBox connects brands with boomer bloggers and influencers

The Succulent Wife’s credo is: “For us, succulence is about truly tasting and experiencing life.”  Since I just went to my high school reunion, I especially love Senior Editor Audrey van Petegem’s take on her high school reunion.

Off Site New York, a newly renovated space, was the cool venue for the party. Love when old spaces get fresh lives.

BoomBox displayed quotes on aging. Since I’m a Madeleine L’engle fan, my favorite was this one:

A screen flashed images celebrating the theme of Beauty & Widsom by photographer Robbie Kaye.

Beauty product demonstrations took place in the loft.  Some of you may remember the Epilady of our youth. Ouch! This is the improved, gentler version.

Loved my festive favor bag!  I even found a button for my collection, created by  Not Done Yet, “a hip, new lifestyle brand dedicated to inspiring people to feel ageless at any age!”

The BlogHer conference is teeming with smart, energetic, innovative young women. If one is age conscious (which I admit I am, some) the atmosphere can be somewhat intimidating.

Joy! I walked into the BoomBox party to a room of smart, energetic, innovative women closer to my age.

When I announce I’m a menopause blogger, I almost always get a smile or an, “Ah yes. Menopause.”  I invited the women I met at the party to write guests posts for Friend for the Ride. Crossing my fingers they will.

And speaking of youth, Laura from Storymix Media did video interviews with the guests.  After she interviewed me, we chatted  about Storymix Media.

When Laura discovered  I’m mom to Kath of Katheats she tweeted that this was her most starstruck moment at BlogHer.  She’s been following Kath for years. Ah thanks, Laura. I’m starstruck by Kath too, but after all, I’m her mother.

My glittery shoes took me home by way of the starry lights of Broadway. What a New York night!

Thanks too  Chris Bradshaw of BoomBox  and Audrey Petegem and everyone else for the lovely party.

And thanks again to Estroven and the Good Sleep Challenge for sending me to NYC.



Reunion!  Guess who has one coming up?


That’s me on the top left looking rather glum. Wonder why I didn’t smile? The twins next to me were jocks. The boy underneath me died shortly after graduation in a car accident.  Andrea Klimt is a grandniece to Gustav Klimt, the artist.

I haven’t been to any reunions since my fifth. I’m psyched. My mind is turning with memories as I turn the pages of the Towson High Year Book.

But what’s freaking me out a bit is that when I think of the people I’ll see on July 12, it’s like I’m not forty years older.  Instead, we’re all still back in high school. I’m amazed at how sharp some of the memories are. The funny stuff.  The hurtful stuff. The exciting stuff. The touching stuff.

So who’s been to a reunion recently?

Did you feel like you were still in high school when you walked through the reunion door, or did you feel like a regular old adult?

And if we do feel ALL grown up,  is that how we want to feel?

Towson High School is in Towson, Maryland, a Baltimore suburb.  Famous grads include Jean Marie Donnell, who played Gidget’s mother in some of the Gidget movies; Sunny Griffin, model and actress;  Olympian Michael Phelps; and poet Mary Jo Salter, who graduated with me.