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Guest Post: Ice Cream, as a Pie!


A guest post by my daughter Laura Younger:

It’s only June and the weather is h-o-t!  I wouldn’t call myself a huge ice cream person, but as soon as summer hits, I love it!  Especially because ice cream reminds me of going to the beach.  Growing up, our family beach trips involved ice cream sandwiches, after-dinner trips to Scoops Ice Cream parlor, and memories of my dad drinking the last of the melting cream out of the carton.

Over our Memorial Day beach trip, I was in charge of making the dessert for fish taco night. While I knew the fam would be happy enough with a gallon (or two), I wanted to put a bit more effort into the final product – And with three bloggers in the family, presentation is everything.

Enter ice cream pie.  Easy, cheap, and loved by all.  Especially, my pregnant sister.

Ice Cream Pie:

 Crush 24 Oreos (or Joe’s Joes) in a plastic bag with something hard or use a food processor – they don’t have to be very fine because the bigger chunks of cookie taste great!

Mix crushed cookies with 1/4 cup melted butter until well combined

Press mixture into a pie pan using the back of a spoon and let harden in freezer (30 minutes minimum) or fridge (1 hour)

Spread one carton of ice cream into piecrust. Note: it’s best to let the ice cream sit out for a while or make the pie when you get home from the grocery store and the ice cream has softened enough to spread

Put pie back in freezer for at least an hour

Serve with whipped cream, cherries, butterscotch, and chocolate syrup!

Photo: Laura, who blogs over at Taking Back My Twenties, is 26 and loves dessert almost as much as I do.