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The NOT Silent Treatment

Here’s a joke sent our way by a high school friend:

A husband and a wife have just had a heated argument.  They are giving one another the silent treatment.

The husband does not want to blow his cool and start speaking to his wife.  However, he needs her to wake him up at five a.m.  He’s catching an early morning business flight.  (No working alarm clocks in this household, I guess.)  He writes her a note:  “Please wake me at five a.m.”

He leaves the note in a place where he knows she will find it.

The next morning, to his chagrin, he doesn’t wake up until nine a.m.  OH NO!

Furious, he gets out of bed.  He’s off to find his wife. This time for LOUD fussing.  But first, he looks down at the covers.   Near his pillow is a note:  “It’s five o’clock.  Wake up.”

The silent treatment has failed him.

Many women confess that they feel uncomfortable telling others when they are sad, grumpy, or jumpy from hormonal woes.   I know that’s how it is with me.  I wonder why?

Is there something about hormonal funks that whisper, “Shhh.  Keep it to yourself.”

Are we sometimes silent because we’re embarrassed about our moodiness and our inability to snap out of it?

But the silent treatment doesn’t help our partners or our friends,and it sure doesn’t help us.

Honesty is always the best  policy when it comes to the nastiness of hormones.  We can’t get help or comfort or understanding if we are silent.

Shout it from the rooftops!  Speak up!  Banish the days of the silent passage.  Let others know you are having troubles.

And let those who love you shower you with love.  Loud love.  Quiet love.  And all the love in between.

Photo:  Speaking of the silent treatment, wouldn’t you like to know what the Mona Lisa was thinking as Leonardo painted this picture?  A penny for you thoughts, Mona Girl.