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JUMP! It’s Menopause


What makes you jump?

A snake on your hiking path?

A spider in your kitchen sink?

Chalk on a blackboard?

The last one probably doesn’t happen very often since blackboards seem to be a bygone .

When I was thick in the middle of menopausal weirdness, I had jumpy days.

Sometimes, it was just a general jumpiness, little bouncing balls inside me.  I was perhaps more jittery than jumpy.

Other days, I felt the snake in the path kind of jumpiness.  A dropped fork, the telephone, a voice behind me (that was supposed to be there such as a husband coming into the kitchen) would make me jump like Kanga.

I don’t think there’s a solution to menopausal jumpiness except to be extra careful, especially if you’re holding your great-grandmother’s Waterford bowl or standing at the end of a dock.

Or perhaps you could gather two menopausal friends and get your jumpies out by jump roping.  Maybe they’ll let you be The Little Dutch Girl or Miss Mary Mack.

Photo:  I found this sign on a dock used for launching kayaks into Bald Head Island Creek.  I haven’t jumped into the creek, but I’ve been in, thanks to a jumpy kayak.

Jump Rope Rhymes:  Forgotten the old ones?  Want to learn some new ones?   Here’s the site for you!