Technology! Reward Yourself in Polka Dots



Pictured above are my new smart phone gloves, a Christmas gift from Laura’s husband Matt.

Matt drew my name on Elfster, the online program Laura used to organize the family gift exchange.

My gloves rest on my  new phone in its polka dot case.

“Your cell phone matches your outfit!” I heard three times over the holidays. (I’m partial to polka dot shirts and sweaters.)

Clothing compliments are always a pick-me-up. Since this one was high tech related, I counted it double each time.

One of the compliments came from my seatmate on an a plane. ‘

“Thanks!” I said, turning toward her.

She sported a pink sweater and held a pink phone in her hand. “I buy cheap cases and change them to match my outfits,” she explained.

Talk about a technical fashion tip!

I read the following tip a few years ago in a happiness book:


The tip really stuck, as delving into technology is not my idea of a whoopty doo activity.

My brain doesn’t bend in a technical direction, and my fine motor skills are lacking, which is perhaps why I favor the random nature of polka dots.

But each time I tackle, successfully, something technical, I feel empowered, relieved, and proud.

I’m earning my polka dots and stripes.

What about you? What draws you to technology? What chases you away?

And do you agree with the happiness expert? Does keeping up with technology contribute to your overall happiness?