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A Blast from Your Menstruation Past

And now, for your viewing pleasure, a film you may have seen many years ago:

This film, produced by Disney in 1946 and underwritten by Kotex, was shown in elementary schools into the sixties.  Listen again to hear all about that nasty lining and what it does. Also hear about the marvels of a girl becoming a woman.

Way cool, Walt Disney.  Actually, it kind of makes me sad that you knew about periods though. I like to think you were as pure as your friend Snow White.

And how about you Friend for the Ride readers. Did you see this movie, or another one, when you were in fifth or sixth grade?  Do tell!

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From the Other Side of the Kotex Box

I love these old Kotex ads!  They make me feel a part of the sisterhood of the ages even though I’m not having periods anymore.

But I thought being finished would feel more joyful.

Like winning a free trip to Barcelona or losing ten pounds on a diet of peanut butter fudge.

I’m disappointed to report, it doesn’t.

I thought I’d be constantly thinking, wow, no period to worry about this month.

But I don’t.

I guess my time of the month was replaced by other problems and quandaries brought on by The Great Pause.

Or maybe my menopausal mind is so iffy that I’ve forgotten what PMS and periods are like.

Or maybe I just can’t get over the shock that so many years have gone by.

Those of you who are finished, what about you?

 Is a period-free life all you thought it would be? Do you wake up every day shouting, “Yipee!” or has that old pesty nemesis faded from your thoughts?

And those of you still struggling with cramps or flooding or spotting or any other yucky period stuff, am I nuts?

Speak up, oh readers on either side of the Kotex box!