The Ladies Room Door Art Series: Cabo San Lucas!


In February, Cliff and I spent a week in Cabo, Mexico. We stayed in the more artsy town of San Jose del Cabo. We ventured by bus twice to nearby Cabo San Lucas, which my daughter Laura defines as “The Spring Break Place.”

We arrived at the Aeropuerto Internacional de Los Cabos, where I quickly snapped the ladies room door sign above. I love the colors and tiles and quirkiness of Mexican decor.

The Cabo Azul Resort is wonderful. Right on the water. The world’s friendliest waitstaff. Gorgeous pools. Excellent food. Just AVOID the fabulous free breakfast with the time share talk from eternity afterwards…

I admired the stone ladies room signs throughout the resort.


And the sinks.


We caught a Duke Basketball game at the Baha Brewing Company.



I admired the snazzy mule tiles in the stalls


And on the wall near the sinks.


Here are the bathroom signs at the Tropicana Inn, where we enjoyed dinner one evening.


Love these signs at La Pesca. Quite dramatic!

gentsI like the plain painted doors inside the ladies room at La Pesca too.


And the tiles.tiles

The whole place was funky and fun and the strawberry margarita hit the spot.

Laura told us not to miss a a restaurant on the beach in Cabo san Lucas called “The Office.” Here’s a sign that leads  to the potties.


And here are the bathroom doors.



These are the most artistic flushing instructions I’ve ever seen.


Look a the handle to a stall!

And check out the tiles on the wall inside the stall.

Another restaurant, La Galeria.


Never seen such fabulous pink walls.


But I wasn’t so sure about the cleaning supplies in the corner.


And I wonder if the dolls on the wall of the restaurant are living a good life, as far as doll lives go.


This was a first! On the way to the ladies room at Mi Casa, one of the waiters offered to take my picture next to these distinguished gentlemen.


The metal sign above the door.


Here’s the sign over the men’s room. I wonder what the exact message is here.


The metal handle on the stall in the ladies room.door-handle

The stall door.stall-door

Captain Tony’s on the harbor in Cabo san Lucas. I dont know if Ernest Hemingway traveled to Cabo, but it seemed like a bar he might have appreciated.




The famous Cabo Wabo in Cabo San Lucas. Talk about colorful!


I tried to write FRIEND FOR THE RIDE with my ballpoint pen, but alas, it didn’t show up. Wish I’d had a marker with me.



I sure hope Sam had a good birthday!



That wraps up my Cabo edition of the Ladies Room Door Art Series.  The creative bathroom doors  I found reflect the whimsy and artistry of this spirited land.




Let’s not build walls…


The Ladies Room Door Art Series: Part Twenty-nine


More doors!!

My daughter Kath snapped the lovely door above  at The Vine in New York City. Here’s the handwashing station below, shared by men and women.


I took this door at the Orchid Thai Restaurant in Montpelier, Vermont. I get a kick that the door has not one but TWO creative signs on it.


And then the words “Women” and “Ladies” at the very top. There’s no mistaking the men’s for the women’s room when you go for Thai food in Montpelier.

This is the unisex door at Bear Pond Books in Montpelier. Can someone interpret the French for us? Does it mean you can only go in for five minutes? And what do they mean by “Lecture Toleree?”


I found this butterfly perching on a bathroom door at the North Branch Cafe in Montpelier.


This lady graces the door at the Corner Cafe in Montepelier. I assume she’s got some age on her.


And I love this unisex sign at the Down Home Kitchen in Montpelier


The reversible bathroom sign, a first for me, in the dorm at Vermont College of Fine Arts in Montepelier, where I got my MFA in Writing ten years ago. I was back for a reunion and conference. Really hit it on doors that week!


When men are occupying that section of the dorm, they simple slide the sign. Very clever!


From reader Susan: “This is at FitnessXT, where I take kettlebell classes twice a week. I had a bone scan done a few years ago (surgical menopause had started a couple of years before that), and it showed I had osteoporosis. I started kettlebell classes, yoga class, and am taking a few supplements. A bone scan two years later showed an 11% improvement in my bones.”  Thanks Susan! Kettlebell sounds like fun.

20160510_063302 (1)

From Jan, two signs at a coffee shop in Carolina Beach, North Carolina.


Jan noted the lock on the outside of the door. Kinda creepy… (and the sign is definitely to the point).



From Jan, the Five Loaves Restaurant in Summerville, South Carolina.


Now Jan’s sister is into the game! Thank you, Nancy W., for sending this way cool door from Crabby Mike’s Restaurant in South Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.


And that wraps up another edition of our Ladies Room Door Art Series. Thank you, one and all!


The Ladies Room Door Art Series: Part Twenty-Five



My friend Susan has an eye for spotting cool ladies room doors. It’s a good thing for Friend for the Ride that Susan travels a lot. She found fabulous doors on a recent trip to California. Above, Marilyn graces the ladies room door at the Patio at KC’s in Windsor, California.

Susan found this door at the Himalayan Restaurant in Windsor.


The Charles Schultz Museum in Santa Rosa, California.

The outhouse at Barndiva Restaurant in Healdsburg.


Susan found this woodsy door at the Petrified Forest.

And this one at Half Dome Camp in Yosemite National Forest.


She stumbled on art deco style at the Sutter Street Grill in Folsom, California.



Back in our home turf, Susan snapped this red W at Tomato Jakes in Durham.


I took this unisex door at Sage, a favorite restaurant  in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

And finally,  I discovered this nicely patterned sign the other night at Juju in Durham, North Carolina.

Pink Door


The doors at Sage and  Jufu were in dark corners of the restaurants, which creates a photography dilemma for me. I’m often caught propping doors open with one foot as I work to get more light. No effort is too great for our Ladies Room Door Art Series!

And thank you, Susan, for your gallant photography efforts on your journeys. When’s your next trip?



The Ladies Room Door Art Series: Part Twenty-two



Our Ladies Room Door Art Series continues! Thanks to those of you who photographed these wonderful doors.

I discovered musicians Nancy and Anne Wilson at the Blue Note Grill in Durham, North Carolina, on the door above.

From Rachel, the doors at Pompeii Pizza in Durham. The restaurant is set in an old firehouse, which explains the somewhat off-color names on the doors. (I’m not sure how I would explain “Jaws of Life” on a ladies room door to a six-year-old.”) Fun doors though, that’s for sure!



From Silvia, who snapped this photo at a steakhouse in Santa Ana, El Salvador. Silvia sent along a translation: “Ella” means “she” and “damas” means “ladies.”


From Kirstina, The Pineville Tavern in Wrightstown, PA, which is said to be haunted. Kristina reports the tavern was featured on Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives.


From Candace, 49 West in Annapolis, Maryland.


From daughter Kath at the H G Sply Company in Dallas, Texas.


From Pat, The Continental, a restaurant in Richmond, Virginia.


Johnna snapped this at a friend’s house.


Jay’s Chicken Shack, right up the street from me:


From Gail, a bathroom in Page Auditorium at my alma mater, Duke University.


From Barb, Virginia’s on the Bay, Port Aransas, Texas. Barb wrote, “One guess which is the men’s room!”




And Barb found this one at The Brewery, also in Port Aransas.

image4 (1)

And finally, Cliff sent me this cartoon, which certainly fits our theme!

12805824_900058070092263_4800686065430922713_nThanks one and all for your contributions. It’s readers like you who keep the Ladies Room Door Art Series flushing along on Friend for the Ride!

Ladies Room Doors

The Potty Trip of Potty Trips! Part One

From writer and blogger Carol Baldwin:

“My husband Creighton’s bucket-list dream was to drive out West and see the Northwestern states. Now that he is semi-retired, we had the time to do that. On the 7,579 mile trip (over 3 weeks) I enjoyed riding a variety of bike trails, admiring new landscapes, eating at local restaurants, and finding unique bathroom doors for Barbara’s blog. In fact, discovering these doors became like a treasure hunt. Where would I find the next one to send back East? But I’m afraid it’s become an obsession now. I can’t go into a new bathroom without bringing my phone….Help!”

Thank you, Carol for your wonderful contributions to our Ladies Room Door Art Series. I jumped every time I received an email, hoping it was another photo from you. Here are Carol’s doors, signs, and a few interior shots, all adding  up to the Potty Trip of Potty Trips!

From the Canon Brew Pub in Columbus, Georgia.

Canon Brew Pub

Colton’s Steakhouse in Springfield, Missouri.

“Sort of plain, ” Carol wrote, “but classic too:” The ladies room at the Wichita-Sedgwick County Historical Museum.

And look at the fun wallpaper inside!


On the exterior at Villa Park alongside the Arkansas River in Wichita.

Villa Park

In Broken Bow, Nebraska: Trotter’s Whoa and Go.

WhoaAnd the actual door.

FullSizeRender (5)

Carol found this cool table in the ladies room at the visitors center at the approach to the Black Hills. A sign on top reads: “Blue Stained Ponderosa Pine. Recovered and Crafted from a Mountain PIne Beetle Infested Tree. Black Hills National Forest.”


Montana Brewing Company in Billings, Montana.

Montana Brewing Company

Yellowstone National Park.


Stay Tuned for Part Two!

Carol Baldwin’s most recent book is Teaching the Story: Fiction Writing in Grades 4-8 (Maupin House, 2008). She is writing her first young adult novel, a multi-racial book set in Charlotte, NC in 1950, and has taught writing to teens and adults. When she’s not writing, you can find her playing or reading books to her grandchildren, or working on her golf game. Read her book reviews and writing tips a at
Carol in the West

 Photo: Carol smiles in front of one of the geysers in Yellowstone National Park.


Ladies Room Door Art Series: Part Five

The Station Old Time Sign

Here’s the latest in our Ladies Room Door Art Series.

Two signs from one door. Way fun! The one above is at the bottom of the door at a funky bar, The Station, in Carrboro, North Carolina. The more elegant window is on the main section of the door. I have no clue what the “88/44” means.

The Station

The door below? Geesh, it’s Sheetz!!

Another Sheetz

I ran directly into this Silver Girl at the Baltimore Washington airport.

Airport Lady

From blog reader Pam, this stretched out lady graces the ladies room door a the American Legion in Keyesport, Illinois.

American Legion

A booby prize of a door. Yikes! You can find this lovely uni-sex bathroom door below at Wood’s Cold Storage in Stuart, Virginia.  (I’m not complaining though. A bathroom door, when you need one, by any rose would smell so sweet.)

Pestiside Door

Privy! This sign hangs near the bathrooms at The Bald Head Island Lighthouse.


I found this movie star at an old-time soda shop, Chaps Ice Cream, on the Downtown Mall in Charlottesville, Virginia. I don’t know who this is. Can you help? Is it Marilyn?

Movie Star

Now let’s step inside to the ladies room at the Asheville Brewing Company in Ashville, North Carolina. Reader Nancy sent us these shiny photos:

asheville brewing company bathrom - 01

Here’s a closeup:

asheville brewing company bathrom - 02

And another one:

asheville brewing company bathrom - 03

Here are doors of the Mellow Mushroom, near the ball park in Durham, North Carolina. At first, I thought “Femels,” was a kind of mushroom.


Then I checked out the men’s room door. I think it’s all just a play on the name Mellow Mushroom.

Mellow Mushroom

Shortly after I snapped these photos, my friend Gail sent this one from the Mellow Mushroom in Indianapolis.

Mellow Mushroom Indianapolis

Love this, which I found at the Baltimore Washington Airport. Severe weather in a ladies room would certainly liven up the potty trip!

Severe Weather

Elegance! Blog reader  Cindy found the lovely door below at L’Oncle Antoine in Quebec City.


Thanks to Pam, Gail, Nancy, and Cindy!

The adventure continues. Art abounds.  Please keep your camera ready when you visit the privy!


The Bathroom Door Art Series: Part Three!

Bumble and Bumble

Bathroom doors!

What fun!

Especially these super cool doors at Bumble and Bumble in New York City.

Love the names above.

And below, note directions to Bumble’s unisex bathrooms.

Thanks to Jamie Brown, who works there, for the photos. Makes me think going to the ladies room at Bumble is an adventure!
Standing Sitting

And thanks to Candace Allen, for the photo of this lovely door at The World of Beer, Arlington, Virginia.


When we went to our niece Becky’s graduation, I spotted this sign leading to the ladies room at a Lone Star Steakhouse.

Longhorn steakhouse

And this bouncing door at   Beezer’s Bullpen Campus Canteen near the University of South Carolina at Columbia.

Womens Locker Room


As you travel this summer, keep our Ladies Room Door Art Series tiptop in your thoughts. Send me those photos!

Happy summer trails!

PS. Here’s the first post and  the second  post in the series, and the charming Door Lady I met at the park.