The Ladies Room Door Art Series: Viet Nam Edition

My friend Susan Bellinger toured Viet Nam in January with her husband and two daughters. Oh the places she does go, and the doors she does find. Thank you, Susan!

Above, note the pretty door on the INSIDE of the ladies room at a pizza restaurant in the Thai Dien District in Saigon. Susan reports that the outside of the door was quite plain.

Here’s the ladies room door at the Breco and Bread Coffee House in Da Nang.

Look at the lively entrance to the restrooms at the Shamrock Irish Pub in Hoi An, Vietnam.

Here are signs for the public bathrooms in Hoi An.

Look at the colorful and very personal walls of the ladies room at Monsieur Crepes in Da Nang.

And study carefully to see what Susan’s daughter, Beth, inscribed for us while in that potty.

A sign indicating the toilets at the Bikini Bottom, a brunch restaurant in Da Nang. Interesting name for a restaurant…

Neon green lights the way at the Downtown Cafe and Restaurant in Hanoi.

Here are the rules!

This is the ladies room sign at the Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum in Hanoi.

And look at the easygoing art on the bathroom door at The Railway Cafe in Hanoi.

Ah, note another nod from far away Viet Nam to Friend for the Ride.

This silhouette watches over the entrance to the Hoa Lo Prison visitor bathroom in Hanoi.

These clever cups mark hers and his at the Joma Bakery Cafe in Hanoi.


Simple is the style at the Pizza 4P in Hanoi.

More rules. Note there is no standing on the toilet. That posture on a toilet would never cross my mind.

Here’s the lovely floral sign at the Hum Cafe and Restaurant in Ho Chi Minh City.

I love the toilet paper holder.

Communal sinks are great. You can open the bathroom door and then wash your hands.

This was taken at a street fair market in Ho Chi Minh City. Lots going on here.

Susan’s daughter Beth sent me these from the Siem Reap airport in Cambodia. Beth said goodbye to her parents and sister in Viet Nam and then visited Angkor Wat.

And Susan’s younger daughter Gwen sent this photo. Gwen writes: “Here’s the photo of my mom from The Railway Cafe in Hanoi. She is actually going up these stairs to check out the bathrooms and take pictures for you!”

Thank you, Susan and Beth and Gwen. Loved getting your messages with these wonderful photos attached.


The Ladies Room Door Art Series: Part Fifty-three

More doors!

I love the door above at Havanas in New Hope, Pennsylvania.

I found this lively restroom sign at Vanish Farmwoods Brewery in Leesburg, Virginia. The actual door to the ladies room featured a flyer for an art workshop. Fun!

I took the next three photos at Independence Beer Garden in downtown Philadelphia.



And I snapped this unisex door at Kolbe Cafe in New Hope, Pennsylvania.

This is the arty door at the Brandywine River Museum in Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania. The museum displays work of three generations of the Wyeth Family.

Here’s the door to the ladies room, and then to the men’s room, at the Mellow Mushroom in Raleigh, North Carolina.


This is a sign for the public restrooms in Southport, North Carolina. The tree is a live oak, native to that region. I suspect the trees are called “live oaks” because they are evergreens.


This door comes from faraway Loch Ness, Scotland.  The photo was sent by a friend of my friend, Ann.

This often true sign comes from the Red Oak Brewery in Whitsett, North Carolina.

Here’s the shiny door to the actual ladies room at the brewery.

Finally, I loved reading  how this school decorated their bathroom stalls. A million cheers for creativity and positivity!  You can read the article about the doors and  see the video on the USA Today website.



The Ladies Room Door Art Series: Part Fifty-two

From Becky, here are two signs from the Neuse Sports Shop in Kingston, North Carolina. Love these! (Well, I love all the doors I post and shouldn’t pick favors, but these are extra great.)

Also from Becky comes this sign from El Tiempo Cantina in Houston, Texas.

Candice sent this door from the Dallas Fort Worth airport. It’s interesting to note this bathroom is also a tornado shelter.

And also from Candice, the  Bishop Burger Barn in Bishop, California. Now that trip to the ladies room looks like an adventure!

Paul sent these from Chowboys Cantina in Virginia Beach. Talk about colorful!

Susan found this door a the  Hi Top Cafe in Catskills, New York.

She found this one at the Yellow Deli in Oak Hill, New York.

My Duke friend Derri sent this from Dear Old Duke, our alma mater. Go Lady Blue Devils!

I snapped these at the entrance to the ladies room at the rest area in Johnson County, North Carolina.

Tobacco country…

I found this elegant door at the Glenwood Grill in Raleigh, North Carolina.

And inside I discovered the most elegant hand washing sign I’ve ever seen.

And finally, here’s a neat post my daughter Kath featured on her blog. I just love those wrappers!

I Tried A Toilet Paper Company Called Who Gives A Crap


That wraps it up for this edition of our Ladies Room Door Art Series! Thanks, everyone!


The Ladies Room Door Art Series: Part Fifty-one

Welcome to another edition of the Ladies Room Door Art series! Sadly, your curator has slipped up on the job. I don’t know where I took the above sign. It’s got an understated elegance about it. I like it!

Karen sent these funky doors from the Boathouse Restaurant in Disney Springs.


I found this pleasant sign at Pizza Peels in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Candice sent these lovely wolves from North Carolina State University.

Carol was impressed that even the ladies room is decked out at the Please Touch Museum in Philadelphia. She visited with her granddaughter.

Also from Carol, The Improper Pig in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Take a look at Hers:

And then His:

These are the restroom doors  at the Gatewood House, a new restaurant here in Hillsborough.

Michele sent this spunky saying from the Salt Water Cowboys Restaurant in Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina.

To finish this post with a jolt of color, here’s good ole Dunkin Donuts. I do think they could tidy up the tape mess underneath this bold and happy W.


That concludes another edition of our Ladies Room Door Art Series. Do keep Friend for the Ride in mind as you travel this summer. Every pit stop is a ladies room door opportunity waiting to happen. Send all doors to BKYounger@gmail. com. Thanks!