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The Ladies Room Door Art Series: Part Thirty-one



From Jan, Goombay’s Grille and Raw Bar in Kill Devil Hills, North Carolina. Below, the ladies room door a miniature golf course on the Outer Banks. These doors make me crave the warm beach days of summer.

IMG_5391 (1)

And also from Jan, the Badlands Saloon and Grille in Wall, South Dakota.


I found this door at Jason’s Deli in Durham, North Carolina


Daughter Laura and husband Matt found these doors on their babymoon in Bermuda.




From Karen, Ropewalk Restaurant in Ocean City, Maryland.


From Ken, Thaiphoon Restaurant in Crystal City, Virginia.


From Carol, Daddy Joe’s in Gaffney, South Carolina.


IMG_6002 (1)

From Ken, who dined at Paisano’s on 1604, an Italian restaurant in San Antonio.



Another from Jan, Michael’s Seafood Restaurant in Carolina Beach.


From Carol, the door at Tumbleweed Restaurant, a Tex Mex grill in Chillicothe, Ohio.



And that wraps up another in our Ladies Room Door Art Series! Thank you, one and all.

The Ladies Room Door Art Series: Czech Republic Edition



In October, Cliff and I took a trip to Austria and then met up with Dr. Ken Ostrand. Ken led us on a tour of Kutna Hora and Prague. Our journey to the Czech Republic was a trip of trips, with some of the most creative ladies room doors I’ve ever found.

These green doors grace the Restaurant Kometa in Kutna Hora.


Here I tasted spiced lemonade


and fried cheese, which was delicious, but I’m not sure it’s what the doctor would have me order.


Here are the doors at Harmonia, where our group dined our first night in Kutna Hora.



I was charmed by the interior of the ladies room. Great colors!


And funky green paper towels.


The view from our hotel.


My traveling companions soon learned of my ladies room door mission and pointed them out to me. Erikca ate lunch at the Villa U Varhanare and discovered this seated little lady.


Not sure where I found this silhouette with the pony tail.


This is the door at the Medieval Silver Mine. I was pleased to traverse the low and narrow passages of the mine without incident, but what an awful life those miners led. At least, as our guide pointed out, the miners were well paid.

Inside the ladies room, I found this notice near the toilet. I don’t speak Czechoslovakian but figured out what the sign means by the word “hygienicke.”


Late one night, Cliff, Ken, and I went for beers at the Restaurant Dacicky. This painting on the bar’s door stopped me in my tracks. The colors and whimsical design reminded me so much of my mom’s art.


The restroom doors have an upbeat folk art style to them too.

On to Prague! On our first evening there, a few of us went to the Hibernia. I made the trek downstairs to this ladies room. What a find!




They even have artwork in the stalls.

I was in dessert heaven when I came back upstairs.


Our group enjoyed lunch at the Lobkowicz Palace Restaurant. The restaurant features ornate decor, including the ladies room door.

Not sure where I found this stylish lady with a feather in her cap.


Or this simple outline of a woman.20161005_122606

We had a festive group dinner at Kotleta on our last night. Ken had checked out the restaurant ahead of time. “You follow the green line to the ladies room,” he said beforehand. I wondered what he meant.

Sure enough, this line on the floor lights the way to the restrooms, which are downstairs.



With a touch too much Czech beer, it can take one a second to figure out which door is which.

The ladies…


And the men’s.capture

I loved our time in the Czech Republic. I especially appreciated the architecture and the history and the chance to observe what life was like in a place that not so long ago was a Communist nation.

And I got a kick out of how brave and strong the women sound when they speak. Cliff jumped when a woman fussed at him for taking a photo of the bread display in a grocery store. We have no idea why photos aren’t allowed, but he took no chances disobeying a voice that strident.

But back to the doors. Anyone have a favorite of the ones I’ve shown you? Mine is the green door at the top. That woman has style, and she’s merely striking a pose. Now that’s confidence!

Ladies Room Door Art Series: Part Thirty



Doors encore!

Susan sent me this door from Simpsonville, South Carolina. A few weeks later, Carol sent me the same door from the same restaurant. A first for Friend for the Ride! I hated to tell Carol I already had the door, but I did. We strive for honesty here on Friend for the Ride. Thanks to both of you!

From Pat, the Maison Dandoy in Brussels. Pat found me some wonderful doors on her trip to Belgium last spring.

image1 (1)


She found this unisex door at the Costume and Lace Museum.


Pat photographed these green and black signs at the Gallerie du Hubert in Brussels.



My son-in-law Matt found the fan and the pipe in the Napoles section of Mexico City.



From Karen, the Sunset Grille in one of my beloved childhood haunts: Ocean City, Maryland.


From Barbara, the men’s and women’s at the Mellow Mushroom in Sunset Hills, Missouri. This is the fourth set of doors I’ve featured from a Mellow Mushroom restaurant. The Mellow Mushroom folks are mellow and fun when it comes to restrooms, that’s for certain!

image1 (2)

From Susan, a rest stop on I-85 south of Greensboro, North Carolina. A lady traveler in need of a bathroom quickly will have no trouble locating this bold sign.

IMG_6291 (15)

From Ken, Zinburger at Southpoint Mall in Durham, North Carolina.How wonderful to have gentlemen contribute to our Ladies Room Door Art Series. Thanks, Ken and Matt!


Last but not least, Susan found this neat door at the Silver Spot, an upscale movie theater in Chapel Hill. They say you can eat French fries and drink wine while you view the movie. I haven’t yet been able to convince Cliff to brave the steep movie prices to check out the theater.


That wraps up Number Thirty (WOW!) of our Ladies Room Door Art Series. Thank you one and all. Keep your phone cameras ready as you celebrate the holidays. Doors await!

The Ladies Room Door Art Series: Austria Edition



On our fall trip to Vienna and the Czech Republic, I had a fabulous time hunting for ladies room doors. Sadly, I didn’t do a good job of documenting the locations of those doors. With apologies, I present you the above sign from somewhere in Vienna.The sign indicates that the toilets are downstairs (which seems to be where bathrooms usually are in both countries).

I like the simplicity of the sign below, but not sure where in Austria I found it.


And talk about simple! Look at the F below. We know what it means, and it has a bit of spunk to it.


This door leads to bathrooms at the Hofburg-Imperial Palace. Cliff set this one up, announcing, “You’ve got to get that guy’s bottom in the picture.”


At the palace, I learned of the mysterious Emperess Sisi, a Princess Diana-like figure in some ways.


Sisi was murdered after shopping for presents for her grandchildren. Yikes! Made me think twice about picking up presents for Maze and Emmie.

You can even buy Sisi figurines in a variety of sizes at the gift shop. My friend Judy, who knows more about Sisi than I do, reports that Sisi handled menopause with the help of cocaine. Now that’s an idea.

NOT! Maybe I should have bought a figurine though, as a reminder that I survived menopause without cocaine, and you can too!

By St. Stephen’s Cathedral, Cliff and I sat at the Konditorei Bistrou. Loved the bells tolling from the church, and my ladies room visit introduced me to a bathroom in creamsicle colors!








Cliff and I, for the first time, navigated the European train system and arrived in Melk, Austria. Among other adventures here, we sailed on the Danube. Here’s the ladies room door on the boat.


Sailing on the Danube felt like living a dream.


After two beers, I decided I’d better switch to spritzers.


The Melk Abbey is magnificent, the largest abbey in Austria.


I went nuts over this pink stairway.

We stayed at the Hotel Donaublick in Melk. Note the sweetness of their ladies room door.


With some naughty inside the ladies room.


In Salzburg, we took The Sound of Music Tour. You can read about it here, on Friend for the Ride.  I found this sign near the entrance to Mirabell Gardens, where Maria and the children sing Do-re-mi and march around the fountain.



This is a sign at the Hohensalzburg Fortress above Salzburg.



We had a lovely dinner at the cafe overlooking the city.


Love this plain sign at Mozart’s house. I also liked learning about Mozart’s mother, who deftly handled an eccentric husband and son.


We stopped into the McDonald’s in Salzburg (in search of hot chocolate for me) and found quite creative bathroom signs.


You have to pay to get into the bathrooms, but you then receive a coupon saving you fifty cents or so off your next purchase. Fair deal.


No clue where I snapped this sign.


On our last night in Vienna, we attended a concert at St. Charles Church.


A university nearby offered its bathrooms to concertgoers. This was quite an eventful potty stop as two women, a bit younger than I, were in gales of laughter. I’ve never heard women laugh so hard anywhere in my life. They spent the entire bathroom visit in hysterics. Even if I could speak German, I wouldn’t have known what they were laughing about because they never stopped long enough to utter a word.


To life and laughter and ladies room doors!