Special Edition: Ladies Room Doors of China

There’s friendship, and then there’s friendship.

There’s blog loyalty, and then there’s blog loyalty.

Susan is a friend of friends and loyaler than loyal because she snapped bathroom doors for Friend for the Ride throughout her recent trip to China. And wow, did she find some doors! Thank you, Susan.

The sign above and the first one below are from the Beijing railway station.

This is the Art Zone 798 in Beijing.

Here’s a squat potty with an automatic trash can and sluicing water.

I asked Susan to tell us a bit more about the potty situation in China. She writes: “Even in tourist areas, squat potties are the norm. If you are very lucky there will be one western-style toilet. Toilet paper is rarely available; I brought camping t.p. along on the trip and carried it daily. One odd thing is that you placed your used tissue in a trash can in the cubicle; their plumbing isn’t equipped to handle paper!”

A hot pot restaurant in Beijing

A toast tea house in Beijing

A public bathroom in one of the old hutong (alleys) in Beijing

Susan found this door at a  restaurant in Beijing. Her girls are very good with languages, so I suspect they were the translators.

Jingzun Peking duck restaurant

The Beijing Airport

A public restroom in Jing Alley, Chengdu

Susan at a hutong in Chengdu China. Hutong means alley.

And here is our photographer at the Giant Panda Breeding Center located outside Chengdu.

Thank you so much, Susan, for sending such wonderful doors to Friend for the Ride!


The Ladies Room Door Art Series: Part Forty-nine

Becky found this appropriate and festive door above at Penn Skate, a skating rink in State College, Pennsylvania.

And this one at Nana Taco in Durham, North Carolina.

Here’s the bathroom sign at the Virginia Discovery Museum on the downtown mall in Charlottesville, Virginia. We visit there with grandson Maze.

Maze especially loves the pretend store at the museum.

I found this sign at Bar Louie in Durham, North Carolina.

I like the elegance of the bar’ s actual ladies room door.

I hit it big at the Mebane Steakhouse in Mebane, North Carolina. Here’s the ladies room sign.

And inside I found the coolest sink ever. A strip of light at the back of the sink changes color.


This is the unisex door at Gocciolina in Durham. Sadly, I can’t remember who sent this to me.

James send these funky doors from the Dinghy Dock restaurant in Culebra, Puerto Rico.


My friend Alicia’s friend sent these. Talk about a clever use of circles!

And it’s a wrap.

Number Fifty in our series coming up soon! Hard to believe…


The Ladies Room Door Art Series: Part Forty-eight

Blog reader and Ladies Room Door spotter, Pat, reports that she found the door above during her trip to Spain. The sign below announced the bathroom was up ahead.

Pat met the lady in the flouncy dress at the McDonald’s in Madrid.

She snapped these cuties in Madrid as well.

Pat found these at a souvenir shop in a town just past Gibraltar along the Sun Coast. The first two signs are above the doors.

And the next two are on the actual doors.


Back in the U. S. of A, Becky found this sign pointing to the bathrooms at Bella Sera, an Italian restaurant in  Old Town Monrovia, California.

And the signs below at Rudy’s Mexican Restaurant in Old Town Monrovia.

Cheryl  encountered this door at Bleu Voodoo Grill in Easley, South Carolina. A scary trip to the potty!

And I took this elegant W  just the other day at the Glenwood Grill in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Inside, I found the most elegant “Employees Must Wash Hands” sign ever!

Tacky or elegant, funny or nostalgic, scary or serene, outlandish or off-color, send me the doors you find on your adventures. Thanks!


The Ladies Room Door Art Series: Part Forty-seven

Here we go… Lots more doors for your viewing pleasure!

From Candace, a unisex door (above) at Hotel Blue in Lewes, Delaware.

And the Nectar Cafe in Lewes.

Candace admired this wonderful duck mobile too.

I found this elegant W at Burton’s Grill in Charlottesville, Virginia, where my daughter Katherine lives.

Look at the lovely Blue Devil door in the newly renovated Wallace Wade Stadium at Duke. Go Devils!

I found this sign on the stall door in the Duke library. Never would have seen a sign like this in my Duke days. Period Power!

This sad, frumpy sign graces (not!) a door in a Hillsborough second hand store. I almost spoke up and said, “Can’t you all do something a bit more creative?”

I admired this subway sign at the New York Transit Museum in Brooklyn. It’s a fascinating museum and quite kid-friendly.

Granddaughter Emerson loved driving the bus.

Here’s a handwritten sign at French Louie, a restaurant in Brooklyn.

And bathroom signs at a Brooklyn pizza place.

Some of the best pizza ever.

I snapped this sign when we took Emerson to the doctor for her two-year-old checkup. She loves playing with her doctor kit at home but wasn’t too happy when the real doctor brought our her real instruments.

And I found this sign at Bare Burger in Brooklyn.

Laura, Matt, and Emerson are moving next week from Brooklyn to Charlotte, North Carolina. We’re delighted to have them closer but will definitely miss our trips to New York. Lots of great bathroom signs in the Big Apple!