The Ladies Room FLOOR Art Series!

A few months ago, I stumbled on three interesting ladies room floors, and so the idea was born.

First, note theĀ  floor of the ladies room at the Carolina Cafe above. The touches of Carolina blue honor the UNC Tarheels.

Below, the floor at Liberty Oak Restaurant in Greensboro, North Carolina.

I found this one in December in Charlotte, North Carolina. I was helping Laura, Matt, and Emerson with their move from Brooklyn.

And right when I began thinking about ladies room floors, a friend posted this one. It’s from theĀ Abandoned World Facebook page. Yikes! That would make one scary time in the potty.

I’m really not starting a series on bathroom floors. I like the idea, but just don’t think I can find enough of them.

But I will continue this quest and post a few from time to time. If you find a floor you think is fun, do send it my way. Thanks!