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Guest Post: Sisters in All Seasons and a Giveaway!


A guest post by writer Lisa Kline:

I was talking with my husband about this blog post and trying to figure out how to connect menopause to my new middle-grade books and he said, “What about ‘HOT FLASH! READ MY NEW BOOKS!’”

I burst out laughing. I’d been hoping for something a bit more subtle but what the heck, that works.

I wrote the first draft of the opening novel for this series, Summer of the Wolves, several years ago, when we still had daughters in their pre-teens. My publisher at the time wasn’t interested in it. While our daughters completed high school and college, the file sat untouched on my hard drive. Until one day, after my last novel came out, my agent said, “So…what else do you have?” And I told her about the novel languishing on my hard drive.

In short, I pulled it out, polished it, and sent it to her. And not only did Zondervan buy it, they asked me to write three more novels with the same characters.

This series, Sisters in All Seasons, is about Stephanie and Diana, who become stepsisters when Diana’s mother marries Stephanie’s father. The girls possess very different forms of courage, and don’t respect or empathize with each other at first. The series is the story of their journey to learn to trust and love one another. Oh, and each book features a different vacation location in North Carolina and a different animal.

The first two books, Summer of the Wolves and Wild Horse Spring, were just released. The first takes place in the mountains of North Carolina, and the second takes place on the coast.

And yes, it is a rather interesting experience, at the end of menopause, to be writing from the point of view of characters who are just starting their periods. But, strangely, many of the emotional experiences are similar!

Book Signing and Drawing: I will be doing a reading and signing at Park Road Books in Charlotte, NC on Saturday, June 30 at 2:00. We’ll be putting names of those attending in a bowl for a giveaway there, too. If you live in the area, I’d love to meet you!

Giveaway!  Do you have a daughter, granddaughter, or another young lady in your life between the ages of 8 and 12 who would love an autographed copy of Summer of the Wolves?  Let us know by submitting a comment by July 4th at noon. Winner will be selected at random.

Lisa Williams Kline is the author of the Sisters in All Seasons series as well as three novels for young people and a short story collection for adults. Her first novel won the North Carolina Juvenile Literature Award.  Read more about her at  Lisawilliamskline.

The photo below was taken by Lisa’s daughter, Kelsey.

The cover art for the Sisters in All Seasons series was created by Thinkpen Design. Photography is by Mark Jackson.

Menopause and Memory–What Movie Was That?


A guest post from my friend, writer Lisa Kline, who recounts her memory woes:

During my first pregnancy, I could literally feel the blood leaving my brain to nurture my baby. I was spacey and forgetful. I remember thinking, “Geez, not only am I fat and ugly, I’m stupid too.”

Menopause isn’t much different. I can’t remember anything. There was that movie I wanted to see this summer.

“Which movie?” my husband said.

“I can’t remember the name of it.”

“Okay. Who’s in it?”

“That guy…messy blonde hair, broken nose. And that young actress. Very self-possessed. Her hair is always a different color. ”

“Hmm. Who directed it?”

“That guy. Neurotic. I know his name as well as my own. But I can’t remember it now.”

Thank God we’ve been married so long.

“Oh!” says my husband. “Midnight in Paris by Woody Allen, with Owen Wilson and Rachel McAdams.”

“Whew! That’s it!” I said.

Thank God my husband isn’t going through menopause.

I told my doctor about the memory problems, and I did read on some web sites that taking estrogen could help with mental acuity. I even took estrogen for awhile, mostly for that reason. But eventually the worry about whether I was increasing my cancer risk was not worth it, so I weaned myself off of it. And weaning as opposed to stopping cold turkey with estrogen is vitally important. Talk to your doctor about that.

Meanwhile, I’ve tried another solution to the brain drain: I’ve started making lists. And keeping an extra-detailed day book.

And here’s a secret: my husband, who hasn’t even gone through menopause, does those things too.

Lisa Williams Kline is the author of three novels for young people and a short story collection for adults. Her first novel won the North Carolina Juvenile Literature Award.  Read more about her at  Lisawilliamskline.

The photo above is the cover of Lisa’s novel, Write Before Your Eyes.  A review in  School Library Journal states that “Kline tackles issues like fate and free will with equal parts humor and gravity.  This is an engaging read for anyone who has ever felt powerless to change their world.”

The photo below was taken by Lisa’s daughter, Kelsey, for the book jackets for a new series of middle-grade novels.

Snow Lady:  Snow Lady will be sailing through the air to Pam’s house.  She is really a  bit upset with me as she was hoping she would spend time at everyone’s house.  I assured her that Pam will make her life as happy as swirling snowflakes.