Oh My Aching Feet



Writer and blogger Lisa Winkler has this to say about menopausal feet:


On a wintery day walking New York street after street

I began to notice a pain in my feet.


Like walking on a large marble or a fallen down sock,

My toes became numb; the balls of my feet like a rock.


I entered a shoe store, I figured why not?

Perhaps new boots would solve my problem on the spot.


I tried several pairs, yet the aches remained

Nothing it seemed alleviated the pain.


With only a few days before leaving town

I figured I better get the rundown.


Finding a podiatrist on a Friday late

I’d be lucky to land an appointment that date.


Alas, pinched nerves seemed the cause

He wrapped my feet in tape and gauze.


Told to keep them dry and walk a lot

I boarded my plane to LA where it was hot.


When I saw the pool and the sunny deck,

I knew the tape had to go; what the heck.


I swam and walked,

Met Miriam  and talked.


I biked in Sonoma

Trying to ignore the neuroma


Upon my return to NJ, the Pod-man retaped

And assured me in time my issues would abate.


Yet there was more snow and my boots didn’t fit

So  the problem feet shoe store I  did visit.


Your shoes are too small,” the salesman cried.

Your foot is larger and also quite wide.”


You mean I have to throw out all the 7Bs?”


Yes, and buy larger shoes. I think 8Cs.”


Aging it seems, changes one’s feet,

Buying new shoes isn’t such a bad treat.


Menopausal Feet: For more on the woes of menopausal feet, check out this article.


And here’s a post of mine on Vibrant Nation that talks about the layer of fat that goes away on the bottom of the foot.  Many readers chimed in with comments.


Lisa Winkler


Lisa K. Winkler’s blog:, chronicles her opinions and observations. She’s wrote a play, The Shabbos List, and wrote the book, On the Trail of the Ancestors: A Black Cowboy’s Ride Across America. She edited the anthology  Tangerine Tango: Women Writers Share Slices of Life and teaches memoir writing.  Find out more at her website:



Insoles and Beyond! A Giveaway

Shoe with Insert

A post by writer Ashley Gainer:

My feet have hurt for more than half my life.

I’m sure this had something to do with the carpet-covered cement floors that were the frequent site of dance practices and dodge ball games at the school where I grew up, the long hours day after day tromping up and down the football field during marching band practice, or the 30-minute hikes all around campus every day to get to various classrooms and dorm hangouts while in college.

Foot pain and fatigue were just a part of my life.

That is, until a friend unwittingly introduced me to supportive footwear, specifically a particular brand of sandals made by a company in Germany.

These sandals stole my heart at age 17 when I purchased my first pair. I appreciated them for their “granola” aesthetic, but the more I wore these sandals, the more I noticed that my feet didn’t hurt while wearing them.

That started a life-long devotion for me, but I didn’t really start to put two and two together until years later when I was living in Colorado.

After taking up new hobbies including hiking and snowshoeing, I learned the real difference that supportive footwear made in reducing the pain in my feet at the end of a long day.

And it wasn’t until I was very pregnant in the depths of winter that I realized I would only be able to keep functioning if I wore my hiking boots all day every day – boots that feature built-in arch support, unlike any of my other (winter-appropriate) shoes.

Fast-forward a few years, and nearly every pair of shoes I own has either built-in arch support or an arch support insert.

These inserts keep my high arches aligned, which promotes good balance, efficient movement, and reduced strain.

My plantar fasciitis is all but gone, only cropping up when I spend a little too much time barefoot.

My knees no longer hurt, and I can get through the day without having to shift my weight from foot to foot every three seconds.

It seems like a simple thing, but having good arch support has been a life-changer.

I no longer have to live with foot pain, and it’s my goal to tell as many people as possible that they can find relief, too.

Giveaway! Insoles and Beyond, is offering Friend for the Ride a great giveaway!  A fifty dollar store credit.  To enter, leave a comment by April 1 saying  you’d like to be the winner. Giveaway is open to U.S. and beyond. The credit has no cash value and must be used on merchandise. Offer expires in one year. Thanks Ashley and Insoles and Beyond!

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Insoles and Beyond

Ashley Gainer is a freelance writer and editor living in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. When she’s not serving the Internet as a wellness blogger or being Mama to her favorite toddler, she works for, the family business. Insoles and Beyond is a small, family-owned health and wellness company committed to offering the best in premium arch support insoles for plantar fasciitis and inserts for running shoes, boots, and everyday wear.


My Inserts, pictured at top and bottom: Ashley sent me a pair, and I love them. I popped them into my black flats. They give great cushioning to my menopausal feet. The difference is amazing!




Dansko: My Happy Menopausal Feet and a Giveaway!

Fall Shoes

In May, I wrote about the woes of my menopausal feet

When Dansko offered me a pair of shoes to try, I jumped at the chance.

Here’s the company’s credo.  (I perk an ear when I read “support” when it comes to my feet.)


I chose basic black, the Olivia flats.


My feet are thrilled.

They’re dancing happy!

I”ve been wearing the shoes everywhere:  in the house, walking around town, out for a day of shopping and adventure, and on my travels.  Here I am on grandson’s Mazen’s porch.


My fall shopping list includes another pair of Danskos!

Giveaway:  Danskos is offering a free pair of their shoes to one Friend for the Ride reader. The winner gets to choose from the Marseille Collection. Check out the choices here. For a chance at winning, simply enter a comment saying you’d like to win. Contest ends on September 20.

Giveaway Winners!  Congrats to Anne, who won the Blow Me cool Fan, and to Lisa, Beth, and Silvia, who each won a novel by Kimberly Griffiths Little.


Menopause Feet, Oh My!


About fifteen years ago, my friend Lisa Flinn commented, “When you go through menopause, I read that a layer of fat on you feet disappears. It makes walking more uncomfortable.”

We were talking on the phone when she gave me this bit of info.

And like a lot of things you hear on the phone, I didn’t quite believe it.

Menopause and feet?

What could feet have to do with menopause?

I was a Menopause Virgin.

I thought menopause was all about the end of your periods, hot flashes, and maybe feeling grumpy.

Oh Barbara.

How could you ever be so naive.

About two years ago, my feet started to feel odd, as if…


As if a layer of padding was gone.

As if my bones were actually scraping the hardwood floors of this old house.

Here’s what one foot doctor has to say:

“Aging results in loss of fat below the bottom of the foot, even as unwanted fat is gained in most other parts of the body. This fat once provided cushioning, and we now find ourselves walking on the foot bones and skin.”

The doc goes on to recommend orthotics. If those don’t work, she suggests the injection of some fluffy substance into the actual foot.  Ouch!

Perhaps I’ll get to that point, but for now, I’ve found a cheaper, easier solution.

I bought super duper extra thick tennis socks. It almost feels like you’re putting a baby bunny on your feet.

Spring’s here, and my feet are ready to roll.

So far, pretty good.

High quality walking shoes help too.

Anybody else have a similar foot story to tell?


Tennis Socks

P.S.:  I don”t really know much about this brand. I just picked them out after googling “extra thick socks.”  My uncle isn’t chairman of the board or anything along those lines.

But Thorlo, if you read this post, a Friend for the Ride giveaway would be oh so fluffy cool and fun.