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Attack of the Venom Hormones


I had a fab time taking photos at the North Carolina State Fair this year.   Every new sight was a blog post possibility!

But it was husband Cliff who first spotted Spider Girl.  “Take her!  You’ve got to take her!”

Hmm, could he possibly think that women rattled by hormones morph into Spider Girls?

Double hmm, could he possibly think his sweet and perfect wife has ever turned into Spider Girl?

Tell me it isn’t so!

Well, maybe once or twice.




I don’t understand the psychology or physiology of hormones.  Yet if the instant the words come out, you say to yourself, “Was that me talking?” you can be pretty sure hormonal spiders are at work.

But look carefully at Spider’s Girl’s face.  Her expression isn’t mean or bitchy or witchy.  In fact, she looks troubled.

Hormonal meanness is indeed troubling, for those who strike with its nasty venom and those who receive it.

Perhaps the best solution is for Spider Girl to wrap her eight furry arms around her victim and say she’s sorry.  If she’s lucky, the victim will respond by wrapping at least two arms back.

Photo:  I don’t know if this is a marquee for a ride or a  spook house.  Next year at the fair, we’ll try to make friends with Spider Girl and find out!

Guest Post: Productive Procrastination: Try It, You’ll Like It!


Just in time for the weekend, Friend for the Ride’s first guest post, written by my friend Susan Bellinger:

There are days, maybe weeks, when I don’t have the energy, gumption, or brain power to get anything on my “To Do” list done.  The list’s items sit there, begging to get checked off, but I squander my time doing little nothings, trying to ignore them.

Net result: I am depressed & berate myself for playing computer games or whatever worthless, unproductive activity I can devise to fill my time while avoiding those pressing errands and jobs.  The more time I squander the bluer I become.

I rebel against THE LIST.  No, I will not wash the car, paint the banisters, or strip the credenza.  The grocery shopping can wait, as can the dry cleaning.  I simply don’t feel like doing any of those jobs!

One day while in the throes of another procrastination crisis, I realized that I could fill some of my wasted hours with smaller, worthwhile jobs, ones I could actually tolerate.  Perhaps I could find the energy to put several stitches in that skirt’s ripped hem?  Or I might tackle the wardrobe which could do with a mucking out?

Small jobs finished would make me seem productive and assuage my guilt. Brilliant!  I thought I had discovered a wonderful secret!  I called my new secret “Productive Procrastination,” little realizing that I not only did not coin a phrase but that lots of other people had discovered this little trick.

No matter, I’m a happy camper knowing that procrastination can be, if not conquered, at least tamed a bit.

Susan Bellinger writes that when “she isn’t procrastinating, she tends to a 100 year old house, an overgrown yard, 3-1/2 cats, 1 husband, 2 elderly parents and 2 grown but not forgotten children. Also, a To Do List several pages long.”

Photo Above:  This is my (Barbara’s) junk drawer.  I practice Productive Procrastination by straightening it out when I should be clearing the garden, reorganizing years of  files, and clearing a path through the spare bedroom.  Hmm, looks like my drawer is ready for another round.

Photo Below:   Susan escaping her “To Do List” this fall in Shelburne, VT.