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The Weirdness Trampoline

Here’s a piece I wrote two years ago, when I was bouncing from mood to mood:

I don’t know what to call it.  I don’t feel grumpy.  I don’t feel anxious.  I don’t feel depressed.  Today, I just feel weird.

Weird, in many instances, is good.  Great art comes from weirdness.  Great music comes from weirdness.  Great poetry comes from weirdness.  Great theater and dance come from weirdness.  Great reforms, too, often come from people who are not afraid of seeming weird to those on the other side of the issue.

So I am going to designate today my day to feel weird.

Significant others don’t like weird.  They like normal. They like dinner when it’s your turn to cook and discussions that move forward in logical steps.  Kids only like weird if it involves Mom being so weird she’s willing to run up her credit card on a shopping jaunt.  Friends are leery of weird too, even though they have a fab time discussing your weird among themselves.

But today I am weird.  Sorry, everybody.  My hormones are bouncing on the weirdness trampoline and shouting out, “Weird, weird, weird.”  I’m just going to join the party and bounce along with them.

Back to now, when my moods aren’t so bouncy.  The clever and curious painting was done by my daughter Laura when she was in high school.  This weird man needs a weird name.  Any suggestions?

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The Roller Coaster Ride

I’ve always loved roller coasters. I first rode them with my dad, then my friends, then my husband, and then my daughters (who are much braver than their father when it comes to the upside-down variety).

But I sure don’t love roller coaster emotions.  When they started, I kept blaming whomever or whatever I thought I was grumpy about.  But soon enough, I realized that if you despise the hall wallpaper one minute and adore it the next, this might just be the roller coaster of menopause.

This blog will feature my reflections as I dipped and swooped and rattled and screeched through menopause. I’m hoping my experiences, musings, and innovations will connect with you. I have a hunch that some will and some won’t.  That’s fine.  Although my goal is to be a menopause friend, more than anything, I want this blog to spark your own reflections and responses.  After all, it’s your menopause!

Of course the best solution to menopause and lots of other conundrums in life might just be a ride on your favorite roller coaster.  If that’s not practical, which it often isn’t, close your eyes and pretend.

You can even let out a scream or two.  But remember, when you scream on a coaster, it’s a happy scream, a scream in celebration of your courage for getting on the ride in the first place.  So celebrate those roller coaster emotions as you celebrate all that makes your very own life, including menopause, the greatest, wildest, best ride in the entire park.

Younger Women:  Although I’ve always enjoyed talking to women older than myself, I wish now that I’d listened more carefully.  Life goes fast.  A cliché but oh so true.  With each post, I hope to include a few thoughts for you.  I promise not to preach, although my grown daughters might say that’s not possible.  And for those of you so far into the Great Pause that you don’t even remember what “every twenty-eight days” means, I hope the topics I touch upon will be insightful and fun for you, too.

Everybody, once I get Friend for the Ride really rolling, I plan to post two to three times a week.  I also hope to welcome guest posts. And please, please, I welcome comments and lots of discussion.  Thanks so much for reading my very first post!