The Art of Mothers

In honor of mothers everywhere, I present to you a rolling gallery of my mom’s artwork. Nancy Wenger Kiehne, who is 87, paints, draws, and teaches art in Towson, Maryland.

Thanks to Katherine for the photo. 

Thanks to Katherine for the photo. 

Thanks to Laura and Katherine Younger.

Ark, 05.  Thanks to Laura and Katherine Younger.

Thanks to Katherine for the photo.  

Cat playing a cello.

Thanks to Caroline.

Portrait of William Shakespeare.

Let’s hear it for  the artistry of mothers!  Happy Mothers Day!

Thanks to Katherine for the photo. 

My nephew, Chris Kiehne, is compiling an online archive of all of Mom’s work. Thanks, Chris!

Below is Mom, shopping for clothes for Kath’s baby boy (due in August), Mom’s first great-grandchild to be.  Photo courtesy Kath Younger.

Aging, Fashion, Menopause

Ouch! Of Older Ears and Earrings

Sterling Double Hoop Earrings

Sterling and brass dangle earrings

While checking out artist studios on Durham’s Spring Art Walk last Saturday, Laura and I admired the earrings made by metalsmith J’Nai Willingham of NC Studio 925. See her creations above and below.

Laura asked me to pick out a pair for Mother’s Day. Let’s hear it for grownup daughters!

In  recent years, I’ve found myself taking off dangly earrings  halfway through outings or the work day.  And these aren’t even super dangly pairs.  As we looked through the lovely wares, I heard myself saying, “Only really light pairs.”

Ah ha! My chance to ask an expert.

“Do you hear this a lot,” I said to J’Nai, “from women my age?”

“All the time.”

J’Nai gives us this advice:  If you want to wear heavier earrings, choose designs that have the weight at the top, creating less pull on our poor stretched out earlobes.  Earrings with posts work  better than those on kidney wire or hooks.

Here’s an idea for a  jewelry designer:  A line of funky earrings made to be especially comfortable on menopausal ears. I’m serious!

Along with her studio at Goldenbelt in Durham, J’Nai  has a shop on Esty. She’s also a medical instructor at Durham Technical Community College.  No wonder she knows about older skin losing its elasticity.

Thanks J’Nai for the advice, and thanks to you and Laura for the Mother’s Day earrings, which are waiting for me in a tiny box with a tiny bow.

Mixed Metal Rectangle Necklace

Sterling Silver Hammered Disc Necklace

Large Brass Crater Ring

Big, Bold, and Sassy Sterling Silver Cigar Band Ring

Photos:  The photos of J’Nai’s creations are from her Esty shop site.  Photo of J’Nai courtesy Laura Younger.

And speaking of lovely jewelry, Cathy is the winner of the Friend for the Ride Bead for Life necklace.