Disappointing News from Mrs. Claus–Friend for the Ride Giveaway Cancelled


I’m upset and embarrassed to have to cancel the latest Friend for the Ride giveaway: the sleigh ride with Santa  on Christmas Eve.

Last year, I was so thrilled when Mrs. Claus agreed to do an on-line chat with me.  Read it here!  She couldn’ t have been more gracious, so you can imagine  my surprise when I received this email:

Dear Barbara Younger,

This note is to inform you that Santa will NOT be taking two of your readers on his sleigh on December 24th.

As you may know, Christmas Eve is a magical night. Time stands still to give Santa enough time to deliver presents around the world. That would give your two readers many many hours alone with my husband.

Your readers, Barbara, are some of the world’s smartest and most stunning women. I know their intentions are respectable, but I just don’t feel comfortable with them spending hour after hour with my husband.

Santa wrote in his guest post that I was fine with your giveaway. I was, but I’m afraid now, Barbara, that I’m having second thoughts.

We’ve been married for centuries. I don’t want to take any chances with a situation that could endanger our cold (due to our location) but still very warm marriage.

So please, tell your readers I am sorry. The giveaway is off.

Yours truly,

Merry Claus

(Mrs. Santa Claus)

Me again:  The last thing we want to do is worry Merry ( I never knew her first name until now) and cause trouble in North Pole Paradise. My apologies to all of you for cancelling a giveaway.

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An On-line Chat with Mrs. Claus!


I couldn’t believe my luck when I received word that Mrs. Claus was willing to do an on-line chat with Friend for the Ride.  (I had emailed the North Pole and inquired.)  So here is my brief but insightful conversation with Santa’s wife:

Me:  Thanks so much for agreeing to chat, Mrs. Claus.  I’m new to blogging . This is quite an honor for me.

Mrs. Claus:  You’re welcome, honey.  Santa and I are all about helping those who need extra help.

Me:  I hope you won’t mind me asking:   How was your menopause?

Mrs. Claus:  Whenever I got a hot flash, Santa just took me for a chilly ride on the sleigh.  I flew through menopause!

Me:  Did you have trouble with weight gain?

Mrs. Claus: Yes, but mostly because Santa brings back the Christmas Eve cookies that you good folks leave him.  We freeze them, and I end up nibbling all year long.

Me:  Now that you’re in your senior years, do you have any regrets?

Mrs. Claus:  I wish I’d had my own career.  I’m usually portrayed as the woman behind the great man, smiling in a rocker.  I wish I’d rocked the world in other ways, maybe as a Rockette  or an astronaut blasting about in rocket ships.

Me:  When Santa returns from delivering presents on Christmas Eve, are you waiting  up for him?

Mrs. Claus:  Anyone married to a man as spunky as Santa would wait up for him.  That’s all I’m going to say about that!

Me:  I know you’re mega busy right now, Mrs. Claus.  Again, thanks so much for chatting with me.

Mrs. Claus:  Life’s a beach, honey, even in the North Pole.  You tell all your readers to whoop it up this holiday.

Me:  Thanks, Mrs. Claus. I will!

Photo:  The famous couple on a 1919 postcard reprinted on Mrs Claus-Wikepedia.”