Nano Cooling Scarf: A Giveaway and a Holiday Gift Idea!


My friend Sam White is the brilliant inventor of the Nano Cooling necklace. Sam just sent me his latest fashion statement for women with hot flashes: The Nano Cooling Scarf.

Menopausal hot flashes just got a lot more stylish!


The scarf comes in purple or rainbow. Sam writes, “This is a more subtle style than the necklace spheres but gives you the same cooling relief from the heat.” He adds, “We hope this helps you stay cool when your partner wants to put the heat up in your home this winter!”

Giveaway: Sam is offering a scarf to a lucky Friend for the Ride winner. You can choose between the purple and the rainbow.  If you want the scarf as a gift, Sam will get it to you before the holidays. To win, please enter a comment before December 15. Thanks, Sam!

Check out the Nano Cooling site here. The scarves are freezer charged. Now that’s cool!