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In the Middle of the (Sweaty) Night


This dampness was weird.  From middle of the night nowhere.

“I’m all sweaty,” I said to Cliff.

(We have the rule that if the other person seems to be awake, it’s okay to talk, even if it’s two a.m.)

“You’re using way too many covers,” he answered.  “You always have.”

(I have heard this is a common complaint of husbands.)

“But,” I said, “I used the same blanket and quilts last winter, and I didn’t have night sweats.  I bet this is it!  Menopause.”


“I’m all sweaty,” I said to Cliff.

“It’s just hot in here.  Kick off that blanket.  It’s summer!”

“But,” I said, “I slept with this blanket last year, and I didn’t have night sweats.”

(I have to have a certain amount of cover weight on me, even in summer or otherwise, I feel like Middle of the Night Monsters could snatch me up.)

The Next Year:

The same conversations!   (Many times.)   Maybe husbands feel some sadness when menopause approaches (or they’ve heard enough about it to get a little sweaty with worry).


I’m two years into The Great Pause, and Cliff still won’t admit those were real night sweats.  (They’ve gone, BTW.)  

But I knew it was menopause, and it was.

Sweet things can happen in the middle of the night.  A cat can purr near your pillow.  Rain can drum a lullaby.  An idea can arrive for a new blog post.  And husbands can think of you as forever twenty-one.

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Photo:  I often wonder about our menopausal sisters of yesteryear and wish I could hear their stories.  Too bad these vintage nightgowns can’t talk.  They might have some night sweaty tales to tell.