Me and the Western Wall

Card in Wall

This fall, Cliff and I went on a pilgrimage to the Holy Land. The trip was organized by my good friend, Judy Bown, and run by St. George’s College in Jerusalem. We saw so many sacred and historical sights, it’s hard to choose a favorite. But at the top of my list is our visit to the Western Wall, known years ago as the Wailing Wall. 


The concept of this place has always intrigued me– an ancient wall where people go to pray. Even more, I love the idea of tucking a prayer into the wall.

I meant to write a prayer on a slip of paper ahead of time, but I forgot.

As I waited my turn to approach the wall, I dug around in my backpack. The only paper I could find was one of my art business cards. Should I?

I pressed the card into the wall, sending up a prayer that I use my art for good. Then I touched the wall and kissed it as is the tradition.

My card was colorful and stood out among the slips of white paper. I wondered if I was being flippant or disrespectful. I hoped not. I was honored to have my prayer among the thousands left there.

I never expected to paint, much less sell a painting. I never dreamed of being represented in a gallery (Thank you, (Margaret Lane Gallery) or participating in an art show. (Thank you, Ann Hobgood and Debi Drew).

Each sale is so dear to me. The story behind why a buyer wants a certain painting is intriguing and uplifting.  I love when they send me a photo of my art displayed on their wall. Better yet is a photo of a child holding one of my paintings.

Kitty and Child

How am I using my art for good?

I’ve donated paintings to a local school and several charity auctions. When you take a look at my website, you’ll see a series of paintings I did for our historical museum. All of the money from the sales go directly to the museum. And people tell me my paintings make them smile. I paint happy.


Snuggle Bunny Escapes from the Nursery (20 by 16)  From the Toys Escaping Series done for the Orange Country Historical Museum

I hope to continue to use my art for good. That card tucked into the Western Wall is my best reminder.

Cat is Ready--16 by 20

Cat, Ready for the Valentine’s Tea (16 by 20)


Seagull Sings Goodnight to the Lighthouse (12 by 12)


A Thousand Flowers Greet the Sun (12 by 9)

Cow- 7 by 12

Cow, Wishing the Grass Tasted Like Buttercream (7 by 12 on an up-cycled metal plaque) 

Rabbit Arrives at the Estate- 16 by 20

Rabbit Arrives at the Estate (16 by 20)


Check our my art page at I’m now shipping paintings. I also take commissions.


Butterfly, Pleased with Her Green World. ( 20 by 16)