Dress Me in Leaves? Thinking of You, Sister Eve

I always loved to shop for clothes. Lately though, as sixty plus sets in, I’ve grown weary of worrying about the shape of me or the shape of my wardrobe.

A few weeks ago, it hit me. Eve, spunky Eve, sported simple yet no doubt trendy outfits. What did she wear? Leaves.

Dress me in leaves, and I might be quite content. The patterns are elegant, the colors exquisite. The fabric will be refreshing in summer and crisp in the fall. Leaves will cover a multitude of sins, no biblical pun intended, and the price will suit my budget.

Thank you,Sister Eve!  You’ve inspired me! I’m off to the woods to shop.

What about you? Are you as interested in shopping as you once were? Do you do more of your clothes shopping online nowadays?

The paintings were created by my mom, Nancy Kiehne. I think I’d sport a few more leaves than Eve does in the painting. My figure is not nearly as cute, and I don’t own a hat that sprightly.

Update:  The day after I put this post together, I went to the mall. My bra life needed major uplifting. (That pun intended.) I  got fitted for bras that seem to eliminate droop and are comfortable. (Thanks to Star, the fitter at Victoria’s Secret at Southpoint Mall in Durham, NC.)

Next, I went on to find two dresses, a top, and jeans, all on sale, at Macy’s, Loft, and Belk. I felt like I had my old shopping mojo back.

But still, Eve did have it simple, in some ways and no credit card bill to pay.