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Special Guest Post: Hot Flashes at Downton Abbey?


This is Lady Cora….with a twinkle in her eye.  Shall we all work on a menopause twinkle?

A special guest post from Judy Brown, hot off the presses while this PBS Masterpiece Theater Series is extra hot:

Every Sunday night at 9 PM sharp I escape to Downton Abbey.

I sit quietly in Lady Violet’s jeweled hat and chuckle at her bickering.

I crouch behind Lady Mary’s mirror on her dressing table wondering if I would like a hand maiden to fix my hair everyday.

I sneak into the car while Lady Sybil flirts with her chauffer, Branson, and hope that she can loosen up a tad.

Best of all, I get showered with flour as I dash from Mrs. Patmore’s wooden spoon.

Do the ladies of the house ever get hot flashes or are they too proper in their ways? Just imagine a hot flash, or feeling bloated, in a corset!

The Crawley family household is dominated by women. Surely they get moody, get cramps, or suddenly strip off their sequined lace shawl  because their internal heat is unbearable. I ponder whether they even had such a word back then…HOT FLASH! I know it would have been unthinkable to make such an exclamation at the dinner table.

Do I want to be Lady Judy? Does Martin want to be Earl of Hillsborough? I suspect Martin would love to have me call him Lord Brown.

I think I will stick with plain Judy. Even though I envy the socialites of Downton Abbey, I prefer my jeans, my short haircut, blogging about the Pause, and the casual life.

Anyone else obsessed with this British miniseries? If so, who is your favorite character? Mine is Lady Mary.  She is stoic but sensitive.  She has become hardened by life.  I am still hoping that she will succumb to Matthew!

Just FYI…..on February 19th there will be a Downton Abbey Marathon from 1-9 PM!!  And then the two hour finale!  Cheers!

Sisters Mary, Edith, and Sybil.  Do any of you have sisters?  I have three.  About as much drama as Downton Abbey! 🙂

Wouldn’t it be nice to have such a great confidante as Anna?  We could share and get counsel on everyday issues.

I would love to have afternoon tea with Lady Violet and glean from her menopausal wisdom.

Downton Abbey, the whole family, upstairs and downstairs.

This is a picture of Martin and me at the baths, in Bath, England several years ago.  We loved the countryside and even mastered the round-a-bouts after a few days.  The history, the food, the accent, the pomp, the circumstance, all made for a fun adventure. I look forward to my next trip to Great Britain.

Check out the PBS Downton Abbey website  here.