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Green Peas and Changing Tastes


As a young woman, I heard often from older women, “Your tastes will change.”

As a slightly older woman, I recorded these thoughts about my taste for peas:

Dear God,

Even though they come

packaged in pods,

beautifully round

and wonderfully green,

please forgive me

for despising the taste

of your clever creation.



You know what? My palate still detests them.  Menopause has not made me want to pause for peas.

But opening a folder and stumbling on this prayer does make me wonder about my other tastes.

And you know what?  I’m not sure they’ve changed that much either in art, music, clothes, food, or decor. I do know that when Cliff and I were first married, I didn’t want to go on any vacations where I couldn’t shop. Today, shopping’s not so important. Can I count that?

Oh and I never wanted to paint any rooms blue, and we now have a very blue living room.  Who could resist paint called “Antique Map Blue.” The name stirs up images of those brave explorers charting the waters of the world so long ago.

But basically, my tastes haven’t changed, much.  Could this mean that unlike explorers, I’m bland?  Not expansive?  Set in my ways?

I’ll do more pondering, but not over a plates of peas.  In the meantime, what about you?  Has getting older changed your tastes?  In food or anything else in life?

Photo:  I found the peas above here.

Below are peas prepared by my food blogging daughter Kath. As  a baby, she refused to swallow pureed peas.  Her tastes have changed!  She loves them!  (Although she eats them whole, now.)