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Would You? Questions for People and Bunnies

I’ve gotten myself in trouble by asking hypothetical questions.  I can’t help it.  I love them.

Arguments, some silly, some serious (and some huge) have been sparked by my questions.

Years ago, a friend even got so upset when visiting me that she picked up her baby.  (This was in the baby days.)  “I have to go,” she announced.  “You’re making me nervous.”  She and the baby went out the back door.

I grabbed my baby, and followed her to the car.

I was too afraid to ask a single question.  Right before she pulled out of my driveway, she said, “You confuse me, Barbara.  You ask so many questions, and I don’t know the answers.”

Zoom.  She was gone.

Hypothetical questions help us dig deeper, think wider, and live higher. There aren’t answers to lots of them.  That’s the fun and the challenge.

So in the spirit of hypothetical questions, here are few for you:

  • If you could be the opposite sex for a day, would you?  What would you most like to learn about that sex?
  • If you could become any age and stay that age for twenty years (knowing what you know now about life), what age would you choose?
  • If you could change one decision you’ve made in the past, what would it be?
  • And now for an extra girly, (sorry, men readers*) menopausal sort of question: If you got to give up all the troubles you’ve had with menopause, but you have to endure periods for ten more years, would you make that trade?  (For those of you not there yet, you can imagine those symptoms and then decide.)

Love to have you post some of your answers in the comments for all of us to read.  Would you?  Could you?  Should you?  Of course!

Photo:  These rabbits sit in their rocker and ponder question after question:

  • If we could come to life, hop about, and munch carrots, but only live as long as real rabbits do, would we choose to become real?
  •  If we could switch places with Peter Rabbit, and therefore be famous, would we, even though Mr. McGregor put Peter’s father in a pie and Peter carries that tragedy with him every day?
  • If we could be models for the world’s most delicious chocolate rabbits, would we, or do we think candy rabbits are demeaning to the Rabbit World?

You can’t read it on their faces, but they are now in a heated debate over the last question.  I think I need to intervene before stuffing starts to fly.

P.S. I snapped many photos of these bunnies, and each time, the bunny on the left (in the blue jacket) came out fuzzy.  I think he’s what my mother calls an “itch,” and he just can’t stay still.  He’s also the one really revving up the discussion over the last question.

* I actually do have a few male readers.   Thanks guys, for reading!