Physicool Rapid Cooling Mist: A Giveaway!


Physicool Rapid Cooling Mist is offering a bottle of their refreshing spray to two lucky Friend for the Ride readers. Read how Phsyicool works to give you a blast of chill in the middle of a hot flash:

Physicool cooling mist uses the same concept of cooling by evaporation to provide cooling relief for menopausal hot flashes, sun burns, bug bites, or simple heat exhaustion.  The formula for the cooling spray has been slightly altered to give cooling relief without the use of a bandage.  Physicool cooling mist can provide relief for menopausal hot flashes by simply spraying the mist on your neck, chest, and/or face.

Physicool Coolant is a fluid made up of alcohols and oils which react to the bodies heat and this causes the alcohols to evaporate. This evaporative process draws heat out of the warmest source – local underlying tissue. Whilst the deep tissue is cooling down the compression will modify the inflammatory response, helping healing and recovery.

Physicool cooling mist is great for sunburns and bug bites, too, and relief starts with a simple spray to the affected area.

Giveaway: For a chance to win a bottle of Physicool Rapid Cooling Mist, enter a comment in the comments sections below before March 15. Thanks!

To Buy Physicool, visit their website here.