Getting an A in Macaroni and Cheese

With the approach of the holidays, I thought you might like this old standby, made extra delicious with a secret ingredient.

In my English composition class, Tarlisha Lipscomb faced her writing assignments with determination. I read Tarlisha’s essays with enthusiasm, especially her  how-to essay on making macaroni and cheese.

Perhaps it was the A she received on the paper that inspired her to bring in a whole pan of mac and cheese for the class to sample. (She admitted to some help from her mom. Thanks, Tarlisha’s mom!)

And sample we did. Yum in English 090!

Switch now from Piedmont Community College to Hillsborough Presbyterian Church.

I’m not one to garner many praises at church suppers.

But when I brought Tarlisha’s mac and cheese, I began to hear, “Whose mac and cheese is this?”


Finally, an A for Barbara Younger in Potluck Supper 101.

Secret ingredient: sour cream, lots of it.

Here’s how to make Tarlisha’s  macaroni and cheese:

Cook one pound of macaroni. Drain.

Mix in two pounds shredded cheese (you can save some to sprinkle on the top), one tablespoon flour, 1/4 cup milk,and two cups of sour cream. Add salt and pepper to taste.

Bake for forty minutes in 350 degree oven. Freezes well.

Let me know if you get an A!

Photo Above:  Tarlisha’s mac and cheese went to Charolottesville with me when Mazen was born.

Photo Below:  Tarlisha Lipscomb.  When she sent me this photo, she kindly wrote  she enjoyed my class because there was never a dull moment. That’s because we got to eat mac and cheese!  But thanks, Tarlisha. Sometimes, it’s the students who are the teachers.