Pumpkin Seeds and Your Bladder! (and a Sample Giveaway)


Nothing shouts fall like pumpkins! And nothing makes this blogger happier than iced cookies. Here’s an older post that boasts a cookie of cookies: A Celebration Cookie. 

My pumpkin cookie above, purchased at Panera the other day, was delish, and it didn’t have any seeds or squish. Imagine the seeds and squish in these real pumpkins that won prizes at the North Carolina State Fair last fall.

Fair Two

Speaking of pumpkin seeds, The Journal of Traditional and Complementary Medicine, on the website of the U.S. National Library of Medicine, published this article on the efficacy of pumpkin seed for urinary issues.

Pumpkin Seeds

AZO Bladder Control has created a supplement from pumpkin seeds and soy. They tell us: ” The active ingredient in AZO Bladder Control contains clinically-studied Go-Less, a drug-free, naturally sourced supplement comprised of pumpkin seed extract and soybean isoflavones; ingredients that are proven to support healthy bladder activity and enforce bladder strength. Pumpkin seed extract supports bladder muscle integrity while the soy isoflavones help relax bladder muscles and sustain muscular strength in the pelvic floor.”

Samples: AZO is offering free samples to the first ten readers to respond. Simply enter a comment saying you’d like a sample. Be sure to leave your email address, and I will contact you for your snail mail address. Sample offer ends on October 5. Thanks!


To learn more AZO Bladder Control, visit this page on their website. To learn more about other AZO products, click  here.  See their Facebook page here.

I can’t resist leaving you with one more pumpkin picture, a preschool pumpkin, created by daughter Kath many years ago.


This post is sponsored by AZO Bladder Control.