Healthline: My Cartoon Debut

Snow Man

A few months ago, Healthline invited me to come up with concepts for menopause cartoons. Whoopee! I wrote twelve, and illustrator Julia Selutina brought them to life.

Above is my favorite. I’ve no clue how this idea came to me, but the thought of a menopausal woman marrying a snowman seemed way cool (pun intended).

Not sure the pun on “men-o-pause” (below) is original, but it certainly speaks to the lowered libido that The Great Pause can bring on. Here’s a Healthline article about discussing lowered libido with your partner. Many women feel shy or uncomfortable bringing up the topic, leaving their partner guessing and sometimes coming to the wrong conclusion.


And although I loved doing community theater this winter, I’m not sure I’m ready for Menopause the Musical. I did enjoy attending the show with Cliff, who was a very good sport. Catch the production if it comes to your town!


So there you go! My first three cartoons. More to come!

Check out Healthine’s excellent section devoted to menopause.


I am delighted that Healthline named Friend for the Ride a Top Menopause Blog of 2015. Meet my sisters in menopause crime by clicking here. 

Healthline 2015

They say menopause brings on new adventures. What fun to write cartoons! Thanks for taking a look and thank you, Healthline.