Hot Flashes, Car Pools, and Dirty Martinis: A Book Giveaway!

Hot off the presses! A witty, insightful, and life-changing book by Juju Hook. Here’s an excerpt that gets to the heart of Juju’s mission:


I’d bet dollars to donuts that if you and I met for cocktails and I asked you to tell me about yourself, you’d tell me instead about the roles that you fill (or have filled). That’s a trap women our age find themselves stuck in. By the time we’ve reached midlife—what I call Primetime—we’ve spent our lives perfecting a list of roles as long as the line at the DMV.

At happy hour, you’d tell me about how you’re a mom, a wife or partner, a daughter, an employee, a business owner, a volunteer, a friend, a sister, a lover, a domestic goddess, or a neighbor. These roles are awesome. And I have no doubt that you rock every single one.

We’re super comfortable with our roles. But when it comes to our essence? Not so much.

I need to ask you a question. It’s a question that trumps every other question.

I’ve spent the last six months writing and preparing to launch a new book for PrimeTime women. And for the purposes of that book, it’s the only question that matters.

What do you want?

I’m not looking for answers here like “I’ll have the Kendall Jackson Chardonnay, please,” or “All I want is a moment of peace,” or “I’d love to have one of those Brazilian Butt Lifts like the girls down at the gym.”

Tell me what you genuinely, passionately want.

I suspect the answer won’t come easily. I’ve worked through this question with many different women, and even the strongest, most articulate, most successful women I coach give a long pause before answering.

Do you remember what life was like before you had kids? Before you were married? Before you settle into a career or adopted three dogs from the shelter or filled in every hour of your day with what you were supposed to do? Do you remember what your days were like before you committed yourself to everyone else? Back then, you knew what you wanted, and your went out and got it. Chasing pleasure was automatic, and you were rewarded with a big bunch of fun.

PrimeTime is about new beginning. It’s about creating passion around what you want, and being hell-bent on doing everything you possibly can to make it yours.

It’s about the shit that stirs your soul…

If you’re ready to want with absolutely clarity—and pursue that want with dogged determination, meet me inside Hot Flashes, Carpools, and Dirty Martinis: The Quintessential Guide for Turning Midlife into PrimeTime.

Giveaway: Juju is giving away a copy of the book to TWO lucky Friend for the Ride readers. For a chance to win, please enter a comment by January 25. Thanks!

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Juju Hook is a brand strategist, author, coach, and speaker dedicated to rebranding middle age for women. Her goal is to inspire one million women to live out the second half of their lives with more passion and joy than the first. Her proprietary system uncovers the 1 question, 3 problems, and 6 lies that midlife women must recognize and overcome in order to live out the dreams that they’ve set aside—or kept hidden—until now. By looking at the truth, we free ourselves to pursue goals that have, until now, been beyond our wildest imagination. And in the process, we become a whole lot happier, and groovier to be around.

Juju is a firm believer in both big, hairy goals and the enduring truth that our pasts are not reliable predictors of our futures. She ran her first marathon at 40, completed her 200-hour yoga teacher certification at 45, ran her first triathlon (an Ironman 70.3) at 46, and walked away from a 25-year-career and started an online business at 47.