Happy 2020 from a New Friend and Me!

I was born on the 20th of March and married on the 20th of August, so I’m excited about a year with double twenties. What about you? Any resolutions?

If you still have cookie tins sitting about, I hope you have some treats left to enjoy during the calm of January. And speaking of tins, guess what an artist can do with them!

Cliff found this wonderful boar at the Eno River Farmers Market here in Hillsborough.This spirited boar is the creation of the talented Charlotte Mansur. You can see more of Charlotte’s work on her website here. Don’t miss the video.

I’ve decided our new boar friend is a woman, so I’m calling her Ms. Boar for now. Any thoughts on a suitable first name? I love her plaid winter coat. She’s ready for some brisk January weather.

From her honored place on our wall, Ms. Boar joins me in wishing you the happiest New Year ever!

And with Charlotte Mansur’s permission, I’m posting her festive turtle below, who looks ready to welcome 2020 with a splash.

Here’s to turtles in party hats and boars in plaid jackets and whimsical artists and  holiday tins and to all of you! Happy 2020! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for reading Friend for the Ride.